The Prospects of War in 2014 _ on Anti-War Progressive Teach-in

This show was broadcast January 18, 2014.
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The Prospects of War in 2014 _ on Anti-War Progressive Teach-in–Francis Boyle

Recorded in the early days of January 2014, the focus, with some urgency, is on the prospects for war in 2014. University of Illinois College of Law Professor Francis Boyle, well known teacher of Constitutional Law, attorney and engaged critic of U.S. Foreign Affairs, was interviewed on January 8 by Takes on the World Radio host Jeff Blankfort. Jeff Blankfort is a veteran journalist and commentator on the Middle East.

Flash-point one is Iran. While negotiations are currently (January 2014) under way to lift sanctions a bill, S. 1881, has been introduced in the US Senate (Dec. 2013), over President Obama’s objections, that could bring these efforts to an end. Even worse, S. 1881 has language imbedded that would force the US to go to war on the side of Israel if Israel were to decide – unilaterally – to attack Iran.

Francis Boyle writes that “Today on the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I, the serial imperial aggressions … by the Republican Bush Jr. administration and then the Democratic Obama administration are now threatening to set off World War III.”

Boyle lists the flash-points Syria, Libya, Lebanon, along with the ongoing attempt to destabilize Iran. In the controversy between Japan and China over the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands the US has declared that it is bound by treaty to intervene on Japan’s side.
Professor Francis Boyle, interviewed by Jeff Blankfort. From a TUC Radio Presentation..

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