Odd, Unexplained Disappearances Around Mount Shasta

5 April, 2013 – MessageToEagle.com

“Pluto’s Cave Exterior, near Mt. Shasta” Image Credit: Dustin Naef

MessageToEagle.com – This story was reported by David Paulides on his recent Coast to Coast appearance with George Knapp, on March 17, 2013.

Abduction or imagination? Is something in our forests?

The grandmother claims that her grandson was lost in the woods for about five hours before he was discovered hiding under a bush.

About three weeks after the incident, she says her grandson told her that “he didn’t like his other grandma Kappy”. (Kappy is the boy’s name for grandma Kathy)

When she asked him to explain further, he said, “Don’t you remember when I was lost in the woods? The other grandma Kappy grabbed me and took me to a creepy place, she’s really a robot. It was a cave with spiders, and there was purses and guns. I was too scared, so I didn’t touch anything. But, when she climbed a ladder, the light made her look like a robot. There were other robots too, but they didn’t move. She made me lay down to look at my tummy, then she tried to get me to poop on a sticky paper, but I couldn’t go.

She told me that I am from outer space, and they put me in my moms tummy. Then she took me back to the river and said to wait under the bush until someone found me.”

She also states that her grandson said: “she had your same hair, your feet and even your face”. That scared her deeply, the idea of some kind of doppleganger taking on her own image to abduct her grandson. She says she got the impression that her grandson may have been talking about a ‘hologram’ because of the way he described the light sparkling on the strange woman.

His grandmother was horrified and called her son (the boy’s father) who told her that he had also heard the same story from the boy a few days ago.

She admitted that she would’ve probably written off her grandson’s story to a child’s overactive imagination, if it wasn’t for a strange experience that happened to her a year ago when she was camping in the same area near Fowler’s campground in McCloud, California.

She claims she woke up one morning face down in the dirt, having been removed from her tent and sleeping bag. And she had a puncture wound on the back of her head. She said she felt violently ill that morning, and felt strangely emotionless, so she thought she’d been bitten by a poisonous spider. She said she was with a friend who’d been sleeping in his separate camper, and he also woke up with a ‘bite’ on the back of his neck, and he felt ill as well. The only thing strange she could recall was seeing ‘red eyes’ shining through the trees in their flashlights night night before, which they thought were deer.

The other point the grandmother makes about the place is that there was no wildlife in the area, except for two crows that were watching them.

It was otherwise eerily and unnaturally silent in the woods.

The grandmother states that she believes her grandson is trying to explain what really happened to him in the limited terms that he understands, but their family does not bring this up very much because they do not want to implant a false memory in the boy.

She claims to have emailed the Siskiyou County Sheriff her grandson’s story, wondering if it matches someone elses, but there are no details as to whether the Sheriff ever replied–and she suspects that he probably just thinks she’s crazy.

She further states that she has never gone back to look for the cave, and the only way she would ever do so is if she was accompanied by a large group of armed volunteers.

She writes:

“So, I believe, he believes he experienced exactly what he told me. I think the truth is that he was examined by someone or something.

I don’t know by who or what. I do know this, when I think about it I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and that white hot shaky feeling overwhelms me. I think it is my intuition. I have tried to forget all about his story and file it away, but I just feel very compelled to share it.

I really think more is going on in our national forests than we know about.”

“Pluto’s Cave Interior, near Mt. Shasta” Image Credit: Dustin Naef

Coincidentally, two more bizarre incidents happened around Mount Shasta during the time period of the boy’s disappearance, in 2011.

That same month, in September, a Los Angeles area man hiking the Pacific Crest Trail heard the beautiful singing of a female voice coming from the direction of Mount Shasta, and wandered off the trail to follow it, becoming lost in the woods. He claims he was abducted and taken to a dark chamber in a cave and stripped of all his clothing. A tall female with unnatural blue eyes and strange clothing appeared and gave him a ‘gift’ and secret information, which he declined to provide details of.

He was reportedly lost for several weeks, and after surviving this ordeal, this person now believes he is the incarnation of a messianic Hindu god, and changed his name to ‘Lord Kalki’.

Another Los Angeles area man was with a spiritual group of friends meditating up on the mountain on 11-11-2011, and decided to take off his shoes and hike up to the top of the mountain to place a rock on its summit. A storm blew in delaying search efforts, and his body was found the next day at 9,600 feet.

There’s also a long history of lore about a spectral “lady of the mountain” who’s haunted the region for quite some time.

Many people have reported her appearing to them and leading them into underground caverns beneath Mount Shasta. To some she appears as a spiritual guide, to others just an enigmatic, mysterious figure. This is something I’ll have to go into more detail on in a future article, but even the Native Americans have a story that is thousands of years old about a red-headed female who used to live in caverns beneath Mount Shasta, who’s people “came down from the sky” and made an abode inside the mountain.

It is unknown whether any or all of these stories may be related or not, but curious nonetheless.

After listening to David Paulides talking with George Knapp (March 17, 2013) I began to wonder if there could be some kind of subterranean connection to many of these disappearances.

There are enough subterranean caves in northern California and the United States to conceal a mystery of vast proportions.

Mount Shasta is legendary for containing all kinds of local folklore about underground tunnels and ‘Hollow Earth’ type theories.

These kinds of stories revolve around underground military installations and UFO bases, ancient tombs and caverns and cities buried beneath the mountain–a multi-dimensional city called ‘Telos’ is believed by many to reside beneath the mountain, inhabited by Lemurians who built a sanctuary beneath Mount Shasta after the downfall of their own civilization. An exhaustive list of all the stories of people who’ve claimed to be taken into the underground chambers and caverns beneath Mount Shasta would fill a lot of books, and extends well back into the late 1800’s.

Sometimes people claim to venture into these subterranean regions voluntarily—at other times, not so voluntarily.

In fact, stories like this extend even further back into history, to the Native American tribes who have inhabited this region for thousands of years.

They talk about being able to travel in underground tunnels between southern Oregon, Mount Shasta, and the upper coasts of California and southern Oregon. Some tribes have admitted that the locations and entrances of these tunnels are a closely guarded secret which has never been shared with the outside world.

The region surrounding Mount Shasta contains thousands of caves, the vast majority of which have never been explored.]

Skull Cave, Lava Beds National Park” Image Credit: Loree Johnson

A short distance away, Lava Beds National Park has over 778 caves and tunnels which have been found to date.

Mount Shasta is also located near the Marble Mountain Wilderness. One notable feature of the Marble Mountain highlands is that it contains over 150 documented caves, covering some 33 miles of underground caverns and tunnels which have been mapped at present time.

The entrances to many of these caves are sheer vertical drops, one of the caves (Bigfoot Cave, one of the largest in the U.S.) is said to drop over 1,000 feet, and span over 12 miles in length. It has never been explored to its end. However these caves are very challenging to reach and explore, even for experienced cavers—and even then, they pose serious risks that many skilled cavers are not willing to take. It’s not advisable that you attempt to find them, because they’re located in places so remote that you’re unlikely to be rescued if you were injured or got lost in the tunnels.

Considering the vast array of caves and underground tunnels surrounding Mount Shasta, together with all the stories and legends you hear, I wondered if there could be some connection between many of the disappearances, and all these tunnels and caverns beneath the surface of the ground?

How someone disappeared is a mystery that can never really be answered, particularly if a body is never discovered. But if they were underground, regardless of however they got there, that could tend to explain why massive search efforts failed to turn up any trace of them on the surface.

Out of curiosity I began Googling keywords for U.S. caves and came up with some interesting results. My search query returned a number of websites containing maps of known caves scattered throughout the United States from coast to coast.

I wanted to see if the “cluster sites” identified in Missing 411 could be linked to geographical regions which possessed a high density of known caves.

Here is the result:

“Missing 411 Cluster Map” Image Credit: David Paulides

“Map of U.S. Caves” Image Credit: USGS

You can judge for yourself whether or not there is a high density of subterranean caves concentrated in Missing 411’s cluster sites map.

During David Paulides 3-17-2013 interview with George Knapp, he also brought up some natural features of the landscape which play a role time and again in these missing-persons cases, and one of the regions he talked about were boulder fields. In particular, he mentioned that some cultures around the world believe that certain rock features were inhabited by spirits, and have a superstitious aura of folklore and eeriness surrounding them.

Many Native American tribes indigenous to the Mount Shasta region have a similar belief regarding spirits that inhabit the natural landscape. Not all of them were friendly and peaceful, and they actively avoided certain areas that they considered dangerous to travel in around the mountain.

Certain rock formations and boulders were believed to be places where spirits dwelled; not only that, some places amidst boulder fields and rock formations were considered to be “windows” and “doorways” between this world and some other realm.

I’ve hiked around in many of these places surrounding Mount Shasta, and some of the boulders and rock formations even appear to be subtly altered by human hands to resemble ‘faces’ and ‘figures’ pressing out of the natural features of the stone.

“Spirit Rock” Image Credit: Dustin Naef

The picture above looks to me like a skull peering out of a cleft in a giant boulder. Is this death-like ‘face’ just some natural weathering? Or was it deliberately hewn into the stone by some unknown hand as a warning, to mark the boundaries of one of the spirit ‘windows’ or ‘doorways’ believed to exist in certain areas?

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