Benazir Bhutto: Bin Laden ‘Murdered’ By Omar Sheikh___Omar Sheikh is alleged to be British Intelligence and linked to Pak Marriott bombings and also to the 911 Attacks

grandtheftcountry 12-30-2007
This segment is from and interview with Benazir Bhutto where she reveals that Osama Bin Laden was “murdered” by Omar Sheikh.

Omar Sheikh is alleged to be British Intelligence and linked to Pak Marriott bombings and also to the 911 Attacks….

Daniel Flynn 9-25-2009

The weekend bomb which tore through the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, killing 53 people….

Omar Sheikh, a member of the Jaish-e-Mohammad (Army of the Prophet) organisation which has been linked to the bombing, is currently on death row in Pakistan for organising the kidnapping and beheading of the brilliant Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in Karachi in February, 2002.
In many ways, Omar’s Westernised identity made him a precious commodity in the militant world. In his book “Who Killed Daniel Pearl?”, left-wing French intellectual Bernard-Henri Levy cites evidence Sheikh had spent time with Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan and the al Qaeda founder referred to the genteel and well-educated economist as “my favourite son”.

Levi also cites evidence Sheikh was a conduit for funds from the head of Pakistan’s fractious but powerful military intelligence agency ISI to the pilots of the 9/11 planes in the United States. The Wall Street Journal’s Pearl was investigating the embarrassing allegations that one of the U.S. government’s most important allies in fighting terrorism was actually linked to the New York attacks at the time he was kidnapped — a charge Pakistan has denied.

Sheikh appears to have spent a week in the hands of the ISI before being turned over for trial for Pearl’s killing, and Pakistan has steadfastly refused to hand him over to US authorities. Sheikh remains a mysterious figure: Pakistan’s former president Pervez Musharraf alleged he was actually working for British intelligence and downplayed his significance.


Jaish building new base in Pakistan’s south Punjab-report 9-13-2009 Myra MacDonald

QUESTION FROM NO LIES NEWS EDITOR: now if Omar is British Intel and his group is building a large base just like the Americans do with swimming pools, etc., and this group seems to have no fear of the US Air Force lobbing one in their pool, could it be that this base is actually a British intel base or at least protected by same and it’s so called terrorists work for the Brits?? Was Bin Laden a patsy murdered by the intel forces just like Oswald was to shut him up? Watch this developing story for more answers!!

Saeed Shah at McClatchy has an interesting story about Jaish-e-Mohammad, an al Qaeda linked militant group, building a big new base in Pakistan’s Punjab province.

The group, which was blamed for killing U.S. journalist Daniel Pearl and for an attack on the Indian parliament in 2001, already has a headquarters in the town of Bahawalpur in south Punjab.

But Shah writes that it has now walled off a big new compound outside the town. The new facility, he says, is surrounded by a high brick and mud wall, has a tiled swimming pool, stabling for more than a dozen horses, an ornamental fountain and even swings and a slide for children.

British nationals of Pakistani origin involved in militancy have also been linked to Jaish, making the group a major worry for the British government. These include Omar Sheikh, who was released along with Maulana Azhar after the Kathmandu to Kandahar hijacking and later convicted of organising Daniel Pearl’s kidnapping; and Rashid Rauf, accused of masterminding the plot to bring down multiple airliners over the Atlantic.



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