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War on Mali

The War On Mali: Who Are the Major Actors?

The French troop deployment and aerial bombardment of Mali raises important questions about the nature of recent events there, the causes of the escalating violence, the factions involved and the broader geopolitical interests of major powers and corporations, not only in Mali, but in the continent of Africa as a whole.

We begin with an overview of the broad historical process taking place in the post World War II environment, with the United States systematically replacing former European colonial powers with neocolonial Anglo-American influence and control.

The application of “strong economic medicine” under helm of the IMF and the World Bank –starting in the early 1980s– sets the stage for unfolding social tensions.

Al Qaeda affiliated groups are examined in detail, as are the covert operations of western powers, with specific attention to important roles played by individual American diplomats.

We take a look at the economic situation in Mali, its agriculture, natural resources, and the plight of its people in the face of recurring famine.

The recent hostage crisis in Algeria is explored, with a focus on the perpetrators in an historical context.
The French intervention in Mali within the broad historical context of post World War II geopolitics; who is really re-colonizing the African continent; the history, economy, and natural resources of Mali; covert war; al Qaeda in the Islamic Magreb; the Tuareg; a pattern of using terrorist organizations to carry out US foreign policy; the 1982 Canadian Study of Mali; IMF and World Bank reforms; the hostage crisis in Algeria. From a Guns & Butter Presentation.

The Anti-war Progressive Teach-in broaches upon some of the most highly charged subjects of our day—War & Peace, national healthcare, women’s rights, human rights, civil rights, torture, vets against the war, freedom, democracy, protest, demonstrations, etc. We scour the world to find and gather debates and presentations that are extremely informative and educational. Related subjects are also discussed. It provides key information for the uninitiated and the initiated alike.


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