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9/11 and the Politics of War — Christopher Bollyn

Bonnie Faulkner of Guns & Butter interviews Christopher Bollyn about his article 9/11 and the Politics of War.

“Congressman Paul, many of your supporters call themselves ‘9-11 truthers.’ They believe that the U.S. government was in some way complicit with the 9-11 attacks or covered it up. Are you tonight prepared to either embrace that rhetoric or ask those supporters to abandon it, or divorce themselves from your candidacy?”
– Carl Cameron to Ron Paul during Republican debate hosted by Fox News, January 10, 2008

During a 2008 Republican presidential debate, Carl Cameron of Fox News put Ron Paul on the spot by asking him to either embrace or reject the “9-11 truthers” who supported his candidacy. The debate was hosted by Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News and Murdoch’s employees asked all the questions. Cameron’s question, which clearly conveyed the bias of his employer, was meant to ridicule the 9-11 truth movement and humiliate Ron Paul. But ask yourself, why is the subject of 9-11 truth taboo with the mainstream media?


The major news networks in the United States have deliberately ignored the unanswered questions about 9-11 and been openly hostile to those who demand answers about the terror attacks that led to the deaths of nearly three thousand people. Because of the media’s failure to investigate 9-11, the public has been left with a very incomplete understanding of what happened. Three years after the most devastating terror attacks in American history, the New York Times summed up its attitude of willful ignorance saying “…we’ve begun to understand that it’s possible to know what happened without knowing what happened.”

In a democratic society with a truly free press, one would expect that every aspect of such a terror atrocity would be investigated by newspapers like the New York Times, but that has not been the case with 9-11. Evidently, the owners and editors of the news networks prevented their employees from investigating the crime of the century. This left the public with an inadequate and unproven version of events that fails to explain what really happened. The scientific evidence clearly disproves the notion that Osama Bin Laden and 19 Arab terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center, so who did?


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