Woman Hanged by ‘Free Syrian Army’ in Homs (April 2012)

Published on Jul 17, 2012 by 3TimeToFightBack

(18+) (Not For shock) Documenting Crimes Against Humanity in Syria. The woman is likely to have been a Christian or Alawite. The ‘Free Syrian Army’ rebels in Homs lead by Islamic extremist Abdul Razak Tlass sought to attack both communities and evicted thousands from their homes, killing many in the process. The Free Syrian army in the Homs region specifically sought a Fatwa from Salafist clerics granting them permission to kill women and children. Tens of thousands of Christians were forced to fee, their plight has never been mentioned in the Western media.

The rebels attempted to suggest that the victim was killed by Syrian security forces although these claims are quite easy to see through. The Syrian Army has never been heard of to kill anyone by hanging while it is a common method of execution used by insurgent groups. The fact that the victim is left hanging while relaxed members of the opposition laugh and joke is another factor that helps give the lie to their claims.

(YT moderators: My videos are designed to raise awareness of crimes against humanity in Syria. They are never posted for the sake of shock or sensationalism. They are often the only copies available to English speaking audiences. I implore you to bear that in mind should they be flagged for political reasons.)


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