Syria: Al Qaeda Gunmen Fighting in Idlib – May 2012

Published on Jul 31, 2012 by 3TimeToFightBack

Members of Jabhat Al Nusra, Al Qaeda’s main front organisation in Syria, are seen fighting the Syrian Army in Idlib. The footage is blurred in parts because the organisation never shows the faces of it’s members in official releases. It was first released in late May as part of Al Qaeda’s first major video release documenting their operations and atrocities in Syria. The source from which I acquired this footage on it’s own boasted of the fact that Jabhat Al Nusra (Al Nusra Front for the Protection of the Levant) were leading the Syrian rebels. He is right in the sense that the insurgency in Syria is largely dominated by militant factions who adhere to the same violent Jihadist Salafist ideology as Al Qaeda do. Many of them have already declared allegiance. In Idlib, Al Qaeda affiliated groups have an almost complete monpoly on rebel power.

Since this footage was released, Jabhat Al Nusra have claimed countless bombings and attacks targetting Syrian security forces, civilians and journalists on behalf of Al Qaeda.

(YT moderators: My videos are designed to raise awareness of crimes against humanity in Syria. They are never posted for the sake of shock or sensationalism. They are often the only copies available to English speaking audiences. I implore you to bear that in mind should they be flagged for political reasons.)


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