Occupy Bohemian Grove 2012 with RT Anchor Abby Martin

Protesters march to the front gate at Occupy Bohemian Grove 2012

Published on Jul 13, 2012 by RTAmerica

For the last 133 years, the world’s wealthiest and most powerful elite gather at the Bohemian Grove in the Redwood forest of Monte Rio, CA where they network, discuss policy, party and perform mock sacrificial rituals. Yet, little people know about this secretive meeting of CEOs and political bigwigs because there is virtually no media coverage of the event. So what is really happening at the Bohemian Grove? RT correspondent Abby Martin sets out to find out for herself.

Published on Jul 14, 2012 by saltphoenix

Occupy Bohemian Grove – Front Gate

Published on Jul 14, 2012 by PatriotsReal


Alec Scheer was able to get some clips of Occupy Bohemian Grove, but couldn’t capture the cops at the gates with their batons and helmets on due to the fact he had to leave early. He also got to meet two fellow activists Mark Dice from http://markdice.com and Abby Martin from http://www.mediaroots.com/. Abby Martin is an anchor at Russia Today.

Alec Scheer is founder of http://weare1776.org and a citizen journalist

The Bohemian Grove is the camp ground for the Illuminati. It is where the global elite go after their Bilderberg Meeting. It has been around for 133 years and was where the plan for the atomic bomb was formulated. Former presidents such as Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan have attended.

Music: The Silent Comedy – Bartholomew.

Occupy protesters take on Bohemian Grove
This includes brief interviews with Cindy Sheehan, Peter Phillips and others by Abby Martin of RT

Final wrap up by Abby Martin on Inside Bohemian Grove 2012

Source www.youtube.com

Article/Video’s submitted by Teri Perticone


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