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Simulcast: Live Radio & Video-cast from Philly
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Simulcast: Live Radio & Video-Cast from Philadelphia

Public Banking In America Conference

Forty-eight states currently have budget shortfalls. The common strategy being dictated in many of these states and in Washington is to call for budget cuts, eliminating important safety nets for the middle-class and those below the poverty line, as well as to repeal legislation guaranteeing collective bargain rights for unions. It’s as if the states and the federal government were corporations with no responsibility to their real stockholders, the citizens of the U.S.

However, 17 states have decided enough is enough; they have introduced legislation for publicly owned banks or derivations, or for studies or task forces to determine how a publicly owned bank would operate in their jurisdiction. Three of these states have bills that were submitted in 2012 — eleven states had bills submitted in 2011

The Public Banking Institute is hosting the inaugural Public Banking in America Conference in Philadelphia, April 27–28, 2012 in response to the growing demand for monetary and banking reform in the public interest.

The conference will focus on: the role of public banking throughout the world, with special emphasis on: the Bank of North Dakota; the current banking crisis, its causes and solutions; and direction and guidance to those who wish to further public banking in their cities, counties, and states.

Presenters and attendees include state policymakers, legislators, banking professionals, economists, independent business persons, community organizers, and others interested in these critical and timely issues.

9:00 am Eastern to 6:15 pm Eastern both Saturday and Sunday
Presentations will cover:

• Revisiting the success of public banking in colonial America and throughout the world, including a session on Canada’s successful history of public banking and how it has been suppressed.
• The benefits of city-owned banks, county-owned banks, state-owned banks, university-owned banks, and public land banks.
• The hidden costs of interest, and how this lost revenue can be returned to the public through publicly-owned banks.
• Why a banking system designed to prop up Wall Street’s too-big-to-fail banks doesn’t work, not only for people who have lost their jobs and their homes but for those who still have jobs, homes, and money to invest—and why public banking is the solution.
• The history, structure, and governance of the Bank of North Dakota.
• The current movement to establish publicly-owned banks—progress, obstacles, and reports from the field.


Visit the Conference Website Here

This is a No Lies Radio News Live Radio & Video-Cast from Philadelphia, PA. Many Thanks to Bright Path Video and the Public Banking in America Conference for providing this live broadcast feed.


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