Part 4: Warning in the eye of the H1N1 false flag storm

August 14, 2009 Deborah Dupre’

Controlling the masses

Part 4 of 4-part series report: The global economic crisis H1N1, experimental vaccination, martial law and eugenics story

Part 1:  Introduction

Part 2: H1N1 swine flu and the experimental vaccine

Part 3: H1N1 vaccine for profit and the U.S. martial law factor

Part 4: Warning in the eye of the H1N1 false flag storm

Today’s bio-engineered H1N1 pandemic – experimental vaccine crisis lies deep in military, political and industrial interests. (Arthur Cristian, author of Medical Mafia, Love For Life)  The pandemic objective is “to undermine all forms of opposition and social resistance,” writes Chossudovsky. (Michel Chossudovsky, Martial Law and The Militarization of Public Health, Center for Global Research, July 26, 2009)

In plain view is the applied standard psyop: ‘Create the problem. Cause the crisis. Intervene to complete the agenda,’ an agenda that includes high profits and forced depopulation.

Manufactured crises psyop in a programmed nation

Chossudovsky explains that the global economic crisis is based on the fake “global war on terrorism,” central to misleading public understanding that the Middle East War is actually a battle to control extensive oil and natural gas reserves.

Josh Tickell’s multi-award winning movie, Fuel, due for wide release this fall, documents this aim of  the so-called war on terror, through footage of congressional sessions, investigations and spokespersons such as Scott Ritter, former US weapons inspector.

People who continue to support the bogus “war on terror” and accept political lies are programmed by what Chossudovsky explains, their “inner consciousness” warning them “terrorists are threatening their livelihood.” Such was the purpose of the 9/11 shock and awe.

It is in this collective psyche framework of induced fear and revenge that support for killing people for their oil and minerals exists, and that manufactured ‘natural disasters’, ‘pandemics’, ‘environmental catastrophes’ have a useful political role.

These crises, developed, tested and refined over decades to appear natural, distract from the real, inevitable, economic crisis, plus they distort real causes and agenda according to Chossudovsky.
The laboratory manufactured H1N1 and “pandemic” justify the global public health emergency on humanitarian grounds, with predictable repercussions to the unsuspecting public.

WHO predicts one-third of the world’s population could be infected with H1N1, a prediction Chossudovsky and others with no vested interest show is miscalculated, but serves the power elite agenda of controlling humanity and “erasing” people through their fear and lack of accurate information.

The computer driven Phoenix Program in Vietnam that aimed at “erasing” targeted individuals and groups and “pacifying” the rest, resulted in mass murders of over 20,000 civilians and rampant torture.
Adviser to General Petraeus called for a “global Phoenix Program.” (Tom Hayden, Reviving Vietnam War Tactics, The Nation, March 13 2009)

Too great a leap? Dr. Tue Ott PhD, ND recently stated, “Specific programs are designed to kill large amounts of people for specific political purposes worldwide, and it is does this in every single case by first introducing a vaccine to unsuspecting population centers.” Ott presents what he calls “life-saving truth” in a 2-hour video, Bird Flu Hoax. (Video)


A 1974 memo (now declassified), National Security Study Memorandum NSSM 200 Implications of Worldwide Population Growth For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests, known as the Scowcroft Document (authored by Brent Scowcroft of the Council on Foreign Relations who became National Security Advisor) or NSSM 200, states U.S. government plans to depopulate the world to maximize profits.

This document became the official guide for U.S. foreign policy on November 26, 1975.
(Stephen Mumford, National Security Study Memorandum 200: World Population Growth And U.S. Security, The Center for Research on Population and Security (CRPS), Insight into Solving the Problem of overpopulation – the overwhelming Issue of Our Time…Vital to the Security of Communities and Nations)

Due to the “bold nature of the suggested initiatives,” NSSM 200 authors recommended keeping the report secret “to provide time to educate the American public as to the necessity of these initiatives.” (Emphasis added) The document was kept from the public for fourteen years for the “education strategy” to be implemented.

NSSM 200, with input from department heads of the CIA, Defense, Agriculture and International Development, is a blueprint for U.S. foreign policy: reducing worldwide population with “concentration on key countries.” The document’s stated twofold reason to reduce world population is:

“The United States has become increasingly dependent on mineral imports from developing countries” and ” endemic famine, food riots, and breakdown of social order… are scarcely inducive to systematic exploration for mineral deposits or the long-term investments necessary for their exploration.”

The “breakdown of social order” stated in the document refers to predictable populations revolting against their living conditions.

NSSM 200, evidences Dr. Henry Kissinger proposing, ‘[D]epopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World.’ Leuren Moret writes about Kissinger’s input::

“He quoted reasons of national security, and because (t)he U.S. economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less-developed countries… Wherever a lessening of population can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resources, supplies and to the economic interests of U.S.” (Leuren Moret, From Hiroshima to Iraq, 61 years of uranium wars A suicidal, genocidal, omnicidal course, Global Research, 2007)

NSSM 200 clearly reveals attempts to hide U.S. motives involving oppressed nations, and even recommends a strategy to manage this:

“It is vital that the effort to develop and strengthen a commitment on the part of the LDC [Least Developed Nation] leaders not be seen by them as an industrialized country policy to keep their strength down or to reserve resources for use by the `rich’ countries… Development of such a perception could create a serious backlash adverse to the cause of population stability…” (page 114).

“The US can help to minimize charges of an imperialist motivation behind its support of population activities by repeatedly asserting that such support derives from a concern with: (a) the right of the individual to determine freely and responsibly their number and spacing of children … and (b) the fundamental social and economic development of poor countries….” (page 115, emphasis added).

One of the document’s stated conclusions is that “mandatory population control measures” may be “appropriate.”

WHO spokesman Dick Thompson told The Associated Press, “Severity [of H1N1] is going to be different in different countries. And within a country, it will be different in different populations.” (Emphasis added) (Scripps Newspaper Group, Online The E.W. Scripps Co.)

Dr. Mercola explains that “squalene,” an adjuvent that causes the immune system to overreact, is dangerous to human health when injected [as opposed to taken in orally]. (Squalene,The Swine Flu Vaccines Dirty Little Secret Exposed)  Gulf War syndrome is related to squalene in army vaccines. Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline, are using squalene as an adjuvant in their H1N vaccines says Mercola.

Will people in oppressed countries and communities, with less access to internet and vaccine danger information, have an educated choice about being vaccinated? Will they see the industrialized country policy to keep their strength down and to reserve their resources by and for the `rich’ countries? How about Earth’s oldest living culture, the Australian Aborigines?

Indigenous Australians (and pregnant women) are likely priorities for vaccination according  to Queensland, Australia chief health officer, Dr Jeannette Young. (Steve Gray, Swine flu vaccine priorities being set,, August 3, 2009)

Young’s statement followed the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announcement that, “Pregnant women, health care workers, and children who are aged 6 months and older should be the first to receive this fall’s H1N1 swine flu vaccine” on July 29.

For years, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has researched and warned Americans about vaccine dangers and cover-ups:

“The story of how government health agencies colluded with Big Pharma to hide the risks of thimerosal from the public is a chilling case study of institutional arrogance, power and greed. I was drawn into the controversy only reluctantly. As an attorney and environmentalist who has spent years working on issues of mercury toxicity, I frequently met mothers of autistic children who were absolutely convinced that their kids had been injured by vaccines. … ‘The elementary grades are overwhelmed with children who have symptoms of neurological or immune-system damage,’ Patti White, a school nurse, told the House Government Reform Committee in 1999. ‘Vaccines are supposed to be making us healthier; however, in twenty-five years of nursing I have never seen so many damaged, sick kids. Something very, very wrong is happening to our children.’ (Robert F. Kennedy Jr,   Vaccinations: Deadly Immunity, June 2005.) (Video)

Vaccinating pregnant women globally is as odd as targeting Aborigines when the official story is that H1N1 mostly impacts 20-40 year olds plus any drug intake during pregnancy can have severe, lifelong adverse foetus impact, often not observable for years.

Some U.S. congresspersons concur with Chossudovsky’s political analysis related to H1N1.  Ron Paul warns the public about the vaccine and related propaganda. (Video)

Civilian Inmate Labor Program

Geopolitical events related to this H1N1 bio-engineered disease, the new great depression, and martial law, planned for decades are now steadfastly unfolding and will impact the reader’s life, regardless of where home is, according to Chossudovsky.

In a congressional address in December 2008, Ron Paul (R-Texas) warned about abolishing the Insurrection Act of 1807 and Posse Comitatis of 1877 with this, stating that the very title of “Enforcement of the Laws to Restore Pubic Order Act” is “hardly a title that suggests the authors cared about the nature of a Constitutional Republic.”

The US president can declare Martial Law for natural disasters, public health reasons, other attacks or “vague reasons” called “other conditions” without Congressional or governor approval and send state guard troops to other states,  yet Americans continue to quote protection from martial law under the Insurrection Act and Posse Comitatis, crystallizing the lack of understanding these parts of the U.S. Constitution have been voided under former administrations.

As Ron Paul stated, “The stage is set for our country to be in remnant status… to evolve into a military dictatorship” in which few are aware of seriousness of this and “few seem to care.” (Video)

On August 11, Georgia Congressman Paul Broun warned town hall event attendees that the Obama administration has been planning to use a pandemic or natural disaster to implement martial law in the U.S.  (Paul Watson, Congressman Obama Could Use Pandemic To Declare Martial Law, August 11 2009)

US Army “Civilian Inmate Labor Program” are “for establishing and managing civilian inmate labor programs on Army installations (Army Regulation 210-35 Summary, Jan. 2005, p.3) where citizen detainees will be “assisted to return to productive life.” After these camps have been empty for years, National Guard is now advertising for Americans to run “Enemy Prisoner of War/Civilian Internee (EPW/CI) camp” in the U.S.  (Video)

Who’s doing what and who cares?

Congress had done nothing to revise the Defense Authorization Act and the Enforcement of the Laws to Restore Pubic Order Act that allow martial law.

Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas (R), chairman of the National Governors Association, and Vice Chairman Gov. Joe Manchin (D) of West sent a letter to the Pentagon last week, condemning the DoD plans to usurp domestic control of National Guard and deploy federal forces in the event of a natural disaster or terrorist attack according to Stephen Webster. (Reid Wilson, Governors oppose DoD emergency powers, The Hill, August 10, 2009)

Top corporate leaders of many companies of industries, will meet with distinguished scientists, public health officials, law enforcers, first responders, and other experts, to learn about forced quarantines, mass vaccinations, and how to “control and diffuse social unrest and public disorder.” (Kurt Nimmo, Preparing for Martial Law: International Swine Flu Conference to Be Held in Washington, Global Research, August 8, 2009.)

Neighbors in communities across the nation, have been secretly training since 1996 at local InfraGard meetings, turning in names and planning widespread crisis response, including how to shoot to kill if need be, when martial law is declared. (Matthew Rothschild, The FBI Deputizes Business, The Progressive, March 2008) (Video Democracy Now! Amy Goodman interview with Rothschild)

Militia members throughout the country equate the vaccine to assault with a deadly weapon and are on alert, organizing to resist military forced vaccinations.

Sheriff Mack, author of “No Sheriff Left Behind” who honors on his website front page Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio, is attempting to organize Sheriff resistance to federal orders that violate the (now all but defunct) Constitution.

Clergy trained in “Clergy Response Teams” to support the military dictatorship are ready to step in line with military dictatorship in the name of religion.

Mainstream media personnel continue to disparage facts about the dangerous H1N1 vaccine, as they did with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s mercury research, and in so doing, are participating in a Phoenix Program-type pacification program.

Hopefuls believe that many hundreds of thousands of messages demanding right to Self-Shield, instead of vaccination or internment to decision makers on State and Federal levels could prevent this researched, developed and refined plan.

Barbara Lowe Fisher and her NVIC team have coordinated “Show Us the Science & Give Us a Choice” international conference with presenter Gary Null, a host of other presenters and participants from Canada, Netherlands, Israel, Philippines, Pakistan, New Guinea, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Rwanda, Cameroon, Afghanistan and many more concerned about vaccine safety and right to vaccine choices. They will meet with Congress persons on Capitol Hill and say that Washington, DC is the place to be October 1- 5, 2009. (Video)

Citizenry community learning and responsible action to prevent fascists’ ultimate weapon of mass destruction and control is acute (in industrialized countries and those more oppressed “Developing” and “Least Developed”) in best interest of self, families, fellow Americans, and neighbours overseas.

To instead view the masses participating in daily lives as usual, in the eye of the false flag storm, leads to justifiable questioning whether the ultimate powers’ new global Phoenix program, including a national high-tech, wide scale pacification component, is in effect.

Many people, just as the Scowcroft Document strategy aimed, are stepping in line with its depopulation propaganda, some even commenting that Earth needs a pandemic since too many people inhabit it.

The public is “educated.”


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