Fascists love ineffective protest – FKN Newz

Ineffective protests make fascist world leaders laugh in our face
Groundhog day in middle east as bankers bank on banks still banking
In the UK Libyan Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa arrives for a spot of tea and sanctuary

Hello libyan defectors welcome the the fkn newz – Im leaving on a jet plane here are the headlies tonight

Ineffective protests are welcomed by fascist world leaders all over earth , anywhere , anytime any place, even in Afghanistan where 11 UN workers were killed by an angry mob over a koran burning in Florida- you think the occupation of their country and bombing of their civilians would stoke them up a bit but hey go figure . Any ways The sight of large numbers of people complaining about their lot in public always puts a smile on our shadowy puppet masters face. It never ceases to amuse them when some movement or other springs up demanding change and more or less of something or other – More jobs hahahah they love that one, its like watching hookers beg their pimp for a beating. Oh or how about demanding cheaper food, or democracy, or free doughnuts and shots each in the presidents swivel chair, yes get out there and protest for what you want its cheap and easy and requires no lasting commitment to anything but shouting slogans and baiting your local forces of law n order. Oh deek your so cynical protest is the legitimate right of free people everywhere, a pillar of democracy and one of the only actions left to many oppressed people in this world of tyranny and oppression – really if that’s the case then we really are fkd – I mean if the best we or any marginalized people can do – or come up with as a plan – is shouting in the street then truly we deserve everything we get . Picture the scene in any fascist world leaders office as security rushes in to tell of the latest threat to business as usual – Mr president protesters are massing in the streets – Yes agent smith and what are they doing ? well sir they are shouting things and throwing stones at the police, some of them have banners and other have started small fires and attacked businesses, they say they want change to various things that if we don’t change , they’ll be back. to shout some more and break things again …Hahahahaha that’ll never fkn work what a joke , go spray them with a water cannon and tell them well look into it..hahahahah
Alternatively lets imagine another world …wo woww..Mr president protesters are not massing in the streets – They’re not! well what are they doing ? they have formed credit unions, started political parties, some are opening a bank while others have formed farming, housing and employment coops, one group has opened its own school….Oh shit the games up , run for you life agent smith – these people are taking control of their own destiny , overcoming the consumerist paradigm and providing for themselves, no longer sucking on the teat of the state or the economy darfur were done for.
Fortunately for fascist world leaders around the world these things seldom if ever happen – instead populations of conditioned , bovine, dependent animals , take to the streets mouthing their desire to be free yet simultaneously looked after hrrrg how is that possible,
mooooovee along say your rulers , back to your gerbil huts, back to your cells , back to your cages , back to work and no talking at the back.

moron that story later…

Source www.youtube.com and www.deekjackson.com


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