John Lennon and Yoko Ono – Nobody Told Me (Remastered)

Remastered from the original ‘Milk and Honey’ master.

“Nobody Told Me” is a John Lennon song, featured as the first single released from John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Milk and Honey album in 1984. The song was originally written for Ringo Starr to include on his Stop and Smell the Roses album, but Lennon died before the song could be used. “Nobody Told Me” was Lennon’s last single to reach the top ten on Billboard magazine’s Hot 100, peaking at #5.

The B-side features Yoko Ono’s “O’Sanity”, also from the Milk and Honey album.

The lyrics make reference to “a little yellow idol to the north of Kathmandu” which is similar to a line from J. Milton Hayes’ poem entitled The Green Eye of the Yellow God. Hayes’ line was “There’s a one-eyed yellow idol to the north of Kathmandu”.

Another line in the song is “There’s UFO’s over New York and I ain’t too surprised”, apparently a reference to a UFO sighting Lennon had back in 1974. He made reference to this in the liner notes to his 1974 album Walls and Bridges with the message: “On the 23rd August 1974 at 9 o’clock I saw a U.F.O. – J.L.”.

The tag line “Nobody told me there’d be days like these…” is in contrast to the old saw “My mother told me there’d be days like this.”

The video was a clipshow, as are most posthumous Lennon videos.



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