Air France jet ‘broke’ in mid air

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Note from No Lies Radio: now that it is obvious the plane broke up in mid-air, only a bomb or a missile could do that. And if it is a missle, then being the plane was 35-40K feet in the air, that means that only a military missile could have done this. Now if it turns out to be a missile, then that means this is a false flag attack. Watch this story closely!!

Air France jet ‘broke’ in mid air

Search teams have found 400 pieces of debris but not the vital black box recorders [AFP]

Bone fractures found in bodies recovered from the Atlantic suggest the Air France jet that crashed two and half weeks ago first broke up in the air, aviation experts say.

A spokesman for Brazilian medical examiners told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity on Wednesday that fractures in the legs, hips and arms were found in autopsies on an undisclosed number of the 50 bodies recovered so far.

“Typically, if you see intact bodies and multiple fractures – arm, leg, hip fractures – it’s a good indicator of a midflight break up,” said Frank Ciacco, a former forensic expert at the US National Transportation Safety Board.

“Especially if you’re seeing large pieces of aircraft as well,” he added.

Brazil’s O Estado de S. Paulo newspaper, citing unnamed investigators, also said some victims of Air France AF 447 were found with little or no clothing, and had no signs of burns.

That lack of clothing could be significant, Jack Casey, an aviation safety consultant in Washington DC, told AP.

“In an in-air break up like we are supposing here, the clothes are just torn away.”

Casey also said multiple fractures were consistent with a midair breakup of the plane, which was cruising at about 10,500m when it went down.

“Getting ejected into that kind of windstream is like hitting a brick wall – even if they stay in their seats, it is a crushing effect,” Casey said.

“Most of them were long dead before they hit the water would be my guess.”



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