G20 Toronto: Black Bloc FAIL (Undercover POLICE) Destroy Undercover Vehicles as REAL Protesters Film

HorseofPaulRevere | June 26, 2010 | 0:53

Black Bloc Smashing/Destroying/Burning/Rioting/Attacking Everything In Sight while REAL protesters film the latest Global Elite Psy-Op.
It should be VERY obvious to everyone at this point, there is a pattern here. Massive crowds of PEACEFUL protesters show up to voice their opinions and concerns, and LIKE CLOCKWORK the Black Bloc comes out of nowhere and FU$%S UP THE WHOLE PROGRAM, EVERY TIME. This is a classic, PREDICTABLE tactic used time and again. And every time it happens the black Bloc gets away while the peaceful crowds are surrounded, harassed, arrested and worse. It is used to steer the public away from what LEGITIMATE protesters are out there screaming about, and is also used as a way to condition the public into expecting harsher police responses and HUGE security clampdowns (1 BILLION DOLLARS) every time there is a protest organized. The Black bloc is a tool of the Global Elite and there is plenty of proof if you are willing to look for it. REAL PROTESTERS DON’T WEAR MASKS, except gas masks, and by the time those are necessary it’s obvious who is on what side! I can guarantee that just like all the past G20 protests, it will come out that the Police (undercover, in uniform, and elements of the Black Bloc), were the ones burning and smashing things, so they have their excuse to rush in on the law abiding protesters! GUARANTEED

“$1 billion of security cannot stop a radical group as they smash a police rental van at University & College intersection, while dozens of police officers sit in rental vans across the street. The Black Block escapes proceeding the closing down the ‘free speech zone’ in Queens Park… G what? Hollywood Psy-Op!”

Article/Video submitted by Teri Perticone


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