A Disney Heiress Reveals the 1 Percent’s Worst-Kept Secret

Truthdig – Ilana Novick – Oct 18, 2018


Photo: Abigail Disney. (Womens eNews / Flickr Creative Commons).

When the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed, Republicans celebrated with beers in the White House Rose Garden. President Trump promised help for financially struggling Americans, saying, “Congress has reached an agreement on tax legislation that will deliver more jobs, higher wages and massive tax relief for American families and American companies.”

But as a new, remarkably honest video by Abigail Disney, filmmaker, activist and heiress to the Walt Disney fortune shows, it’s not the American family struggling to put food on the table and pay rent that will benefit from these tax cuts.

“Greetings from the 1%,” Disney begins the video. “[W]e in the 1% got a great Christmas present last year,” she says, “I don’t know if you remember—it was called a very big tax break.”

“I didn’t need it,” Disney continues, “but the Republicans gave it to me anyway. And I hear [that] if the Republicans do well in these midterms, they want to give me another one; an even bigger one, in fact.”

Lawmakers promised higher wages and job security for the middle class. Instead, she says, the rich got money they didn’t need, which they are spending on new yachts and other luxury items.

If the Republicans retain control of Congress in November, Disney warns, they’ll only go further:

“So anyway, 1%-ers are doing better than they ever have been doing, and guess what? You are paying for all of it.”


This Disney heiress is here to tell you exactly what the 1% did with Trump’s tax cuts

Spoiler: They didn’t create more jobs and increase salaries
8:48 AM – Oct 12, 2018

Read entire article and see video here.

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