Live Video-Cast from Berkeley, Calif: ‘God and His Demons’ Michael Parenti

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LIVE FROM BERKELEY: An evening with Michael Parenti
— Book Launch of ‘God and His Demons’

This was a No Lies Radio News Live Video Broadcast done on April 27, 2010 from Berkeley, California.

It is now archived below.

Michael ParentiGod & His Demons

An evening with Michael Parenti
— Book Launch of ‘God and His Demons’

Launch of ‘God and His Demons’ and talk by award winning, internationally acclaimed author Michael Parenti. In his brilliant new book, God and His Demons, Michael Parenti’s critical reading of the Old and New Testament throws light on the religious origins of contemporary cruelty… God and His Demons is a tour de force, combining serious scholarship and political passion with wry wit. –James Petras, Bartle Professor Emeritus, Binghamton University, NY

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, please support Mr. Parenti by attending in Person: Tuesday, April 27, 2010 — 7:00pm Pacific — Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, 1924 Cedar at Bonita, Berkeley, CA. Free and open to the public. Wheelchair accessible.

God and His Demons
Michael Parenti brings his critical acumen and gifted writing skills to bear on the dark side of religion, the many evils committed in the name of godly virtue throughout history. This is not a blanket condemnation of all believers. The focus is on the threat posed by fundamentalists and theocratic reactionaries. Historically anchored and biblically informed, this eloquent indictment of organized religion’s delusions and abuses will be welcomed by secular laypersons and progressive religionists alike.Prometheus Books (Available March 2010)

Anytime one can pick up Parenti’s most recent book they should jump at the chance. Every few years when a new one of his comes out it’s a gift to anyone who cherishes beautiful writing, intellectual rigor and top notch socio-political analysis. In this particular case Dr. Parenti turns his talents and breadth of knowledge toward dissecting and attacking the religio-nonsense and Christian right blowhards who have far too much power in America today. Obviously God and His Demons does not disappoint. It easily holds up Parenti’s well earned status as an internationally respected scholar and cultural critic. Using his trademark wit and world renowned research skills he brings it all to the table as he skewers to the third degree the proselytizers, hucksters, hypocrites and religious moneybags who turn the stomachs of those who adhere to principles of rational thought and social justice. Over the past several years a handful of good books have been published by some decent progressive thinkers that address the religious right and Christian power brokers in a thoughtful and critical manner. Parenti’s God and His Demons is now at the top of this list and will very likely remain as a significant work on the topic for generations to come. It’s a book that future scholars and curious laymen will brush off in order to get the full picture of just what exactly was going on in the pews, pulpits, televangelist studios and halls of Congress at the turn of the millennium.
By Drew Hunkins (Madison, WI United States) Reader Review at


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