Burning Man 2018–the most amazing photos taken from the fabulous to the far out

Designboom.com/USA Today – September 03, 2018

Photo: Ariel view of Burning Man 2018.

70,000 people embarked on the annual pilgrimage to burning man, a festival that has taken place in black rock city, nevada, every year since 1986, the desert again offered a blank canvas for creative revellers to construct and enjoy an alternative reality for 9 full days (which you can watch LIVE here). interactive installations, sculptures including those of bjarke ingels and jakob lange, and participatory experiences, burning man has become a gathering that celebrates art and fashion amid a vast expanse of nothing. it’s no surprise that the event has has become a goldmine for instagram users wanting to capture the wonderment of it all, the most amazing of which we have compiled for you below.

Photo: Obscured by dust, the morning sun rises over a line of traffic waiting to enter the Burning Man festival in northern Nevada. Trevor Hughes/USA TODAY.

Burning Man attendees, called Burners, walk through a dust storm on the first day of the event, Aug. 26, 2018, in the Nevada desert. The gates into the event had to be closedBurning_Man_4
Photo: Burning Man attendees, called Burners, walk through a dust storm on the first day of the event, Aug. 26, 2018, in the Nevada desert. The gates into the event had to be closed due to the storms. Andy Barron/RGJ

Photo: Missjiecouture–Burning Man 2018.


Photo:Chelsi Linderman of Pleasant Grove, Utah, gives directions to a passerby outside her camp at Burning Man. Trevor Hughes/USA TODAY NETWORK.

Photo: Attendees of Burning Man, known as Burners, sport interesting outfits. Andy Barron/RGJ.

Photo: Passerby’s stop to admire picture of founder Larry Harvey who passed on earlier this summer. Andy Barron/RGJ.

Photo: Bjarke Ingels BIG ideas burning man orb reflective art piece is now in place on the playa | image by kai-uwe bergmann.

e3d9e87a-9e01-42d4-b263-e7ab9ee715cf-XXX_Trevor_Hughes_Burning_Man_2018_2257Photo: An inflatable sphere covered in reflective material hangs over the dusty playa of Burning Man, reflecting back the neon and LED lights scattered around the area. Trevor Hughes/USA TODAY NETWORK.

6ae80627-bae8-481c-a40a-4384b41806d0-XXX_Trevor_Hughes_Burning_Man_2018_2261 Photo: Hundreds of dancers crowd in front of the Mayan Warrior, a bus-sized mobile music stage at Burning Man. Trevor Hughes/USA TODAY NETWORK.

Photo: Hundreds of Burning Man attendees dance in the pre-dawn darkness in front of a mobile music platform that’s blasting both techno and fire Sept. 1, 2018. Trevor Hughes/USA TODAY NETWORK.

Photo” Burning Man 2018 at night before the burn.

1a45fa41-a2e9-4691-b42a-eae6bcdd8fcd-XXX_Trevor_Hughes_Burning_Man_2018_2300Photo: The Man burns amidst fireworks display.

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Read entire article here

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