Russian TV (RT) Mysteriously Yanked from NY area

Russian TV (RT) Mysteriously Yanked from NY area

Dear Pacifica Supporter —

Does anyone have information about this?

As of yesterday, RT has suddenly disappeared from cable in the NY area. My screen now displays the message “Programming on this network is no longer available.” When I phoned Spectrum (formerly Time Warner) for an explanation, I was told simply that “they” had removed it. When I asked who “they” were – that is, whether it was a decision of Spectrum or the RT network – I was told that there was no information as to who or why.

More curious (or scary), there is absolutely nothing about this on the internet. When I Googled in various ways to find out about an RT disappearance, all I got was news about its disappearance from the Washington, DC, area in April of this year, when the local station or stations stopped carrying it, allegedly because it had been forced to register as an agent of a foreign power.

Does anyone know more about this? It should be big news, but no one seems to be reporting it. Is this another instance of the apparently coordinated blockage of  access to “unapproved” news sources similar to what has been going on at Google, Facebook, YouTube and other internet giants, whereby algorithms are now being applied that divert traffic away from sites whose coverage and interpretation of events conflict with those of establishment media outlets such as the New York Times and the Washington Post?

Based on information available on Alexa analytics, anti-war, anti-establishment, and left-of-center sites have all experienced sharp and sudden drops in traffice and therefore in ranking. They include World Socialist Web Site, WikiLeaks, Alternet, Counterpunch, Global Research, Consortium News, Truthout, and many others. Even groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union and Amnesty International appear to have been hit, and report sudden declines in visitor traffic of as much as 25% to 50%.

Weirdest of all, the disappearance of RT from the NY area isn’t even being reported on RT’s own internet news site. And the phone number for contacting RT (given as 499 750-00-75) is not accessible — it only produces a long screech and then a busy signal.

I can’t be the only one to have noticed this.

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One Response to “Russian TV (RT) Mysteriously Yanked from NY area”

  1. Jack Kennis

    Thank you for bring attention to this issue. I reside in southern California and watch RT news via Spectrum Cable network. Without notice RT News has been removed from the network as of 09/01/2018 AM. Channel is broadcasting a limited, ambiguous notice that the “programming on the network is no longer available”. Cable Customer Service agent was unaware and unconcerned, could/would not provide any further information. RT’s removal on a holiday weekend with the attendant news blackout I smell the stench of everyday left wing politics. Will reserve judgement for 5 minutes, I will then double down, and then redouble after the first round of corporate hogwash.
    Best regards
    Jack Kennis MD FACEP

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