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Michael Parenti: The Assassination of Julius Caesar – A People’s History of Ancient Rome

Who was Julius Caesar, a dictator or a populist? And who really was Brutus, who murdered him on the Ides of March? A young hero or a participant in a deep seated conspiracy? This intriguing lecture by the noted author, speaker, activist and scholar Michael Parenti provides surprising new insights and parallels to today that are both shocking and amusing.

This rebroadcast is part of the very popular series on what Parenti calls Real History, an intriguing reading of a surprisingly large number of all too familiar stories.

Parenti spoke about his Pulitzer Price nominated book: The Assassination of Julius Caesar, a people’s history of ancient Rome. He was recorded by Brian Barry in the summer of 2003 in San Francisco.
From a TUC Presentation.

This show was broadcast on March 10, 2018.

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