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The Boston Bombing Tsarnaev “Re-Trial”–Mary Maxwell 2018

This event was Live Streamed on January 23, 2018. It is now archived below.

Live Stream__ The Boston Bombing Tsarnaev “Re-Trial”–Mary Maxwell 2018

Mary W. Maxwell, PhD (politics), LLB delivered a free lecture at the Watertown Free Public Library on Tuesday 23 January 2018 at 6pm EST. The lecture was Livemixed, Livestreamed and Archived by 911TV. She is the author of “Marathon Bombing: Indicting the Players” which may be downloaded here.

Mary W Maxwell, has a law degree, and a PhD in Politics, from the University of Adelaide, Australia. She is originally from Boston and has a Bachelor’s degree from Emmanuel College.

Mary says the prosecution’s case at the original trial was thin, very thin, indeed gossamer-like. In 2015 Judge Torruella said: “Rather than convicting Tsarnaev and possibly sentencing him to death based on trial-by-media and raw emotion, we must put our emotions aside and proceed in a rational manner.”

Maxwell will pretend that she is Jahar Tsarnaev’s new defence attorney and she is giving her opening statement at the re-trial. In other words, this is only a dramatic performance. Yet it is based solely on facts, not speculation. Will there really be a re-trial? If two of the three judges at the First Circuit court order a retrial, it will happen. It is also within the power of that court to acquit the convicted Jahar.

She is a member of the Federalist Society and spends all of her time researching and writing. Two of her many other books are Prosecution for Treason and Fraud Upon the Court. She also produced a recent play in Australia, “A Moot Court Trial for Martin Bryant.”

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