Backstage with Moonalice San Francisco’s Hippie Psychedelic Band includes, bio, pics & music video’s

No Lies Radio Music – By Teri Perticone – Friday October 13, 2017

Photo: Moonalice–Left to right: Pete Sears, John Molo, Roger McNamee & Barry Sless.

Moonalice is a unique hippie, psychedelic roots jam band still playing live gigs in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s members are all from different bands originating from the Bay area. They have been touring since 2007.

The Economics of Music Today – July 11, 2011.

Interview with Roger McNamee, Elevation partner and member of the band Moonalice, forecasts the demise of the music industry unless it exploits new technology to sell innovative products to consumers. “This is a moment where people can create something new from whole cloth,” says McNamee.

Moonalice 420 Gathering of the Tribe 2014

Documentary film about the Moonalice poster series at the 4/20 Annual Gathering of the Tribe April 20, 2014 @ Slim’s in San Francisco, CA. Featuring Moonalice (Roger McNamee, Pete Sears, Barry Sless, John Molo), David Nelson, and Jason Crosby & Friends, Wavy Gravy & Steve Parish.

Just released June 6 – Very limited number of 2014 4/20 “Gathering of the Tribe” Poster Set + a selection of previous individual 4/20 posters!! Get it at:

Featuring the poster art of Alexandra Fischer, Carolyn Ferris, Chris Shaw, Chuck Sperry, Claude Shade, Darrin Brenner, Dave Hunter, David Singer, Dennis Larkins, Dennis Loren, Gary Grimshaw, Gary Houston, George & Patricia Sargent, Grace Slick, John Mavroudis, John Seabury, Lauren Yurkovich, Lee Conklin, Prairie Prince, Ron Donovan, Stanley Mouse, Wendy Wright, Wes Wilson & Winston Smith.

Directed by Jay Blakesberg. Edited by Andrew Feigl.
Executive Producer: Roger McNamee.

Moonalice “American Dream Rag” An anthem for Occupy Wall Street – December 30, 2011.

Turk Street

Vocals by Anne McNamee.


Photo: Moonalice From left to right: John Molo, Pete Sears, Barry Sless and Roger McNamee.

Video source:

Visit Moonalice’s website here

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