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Bannon vs McMaster on Foreign Policy, Questions about Iran, and Trump’s 2000 Near Presidential Run_on The Antedote

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Bannon vs McMaster on Foreign Policy, Questions about Iran, and Trump’s 2000 Near Presidential Run

Greg and Jeremy discuss the recent stories regarding National Security Adviser HR McMaster’s “purging” of Iran and Israel hawks within the Trump administration who are all close to Steve Bannon, and why it is important to understand that the foreign policy vision represented by Bannon and those close to him is not a non interventionist policy nor is it based on principles, but rather is about perpetuating the “war on terror” by framing it as a war against Islam and as a Clash of Civilizations. We then discuss some of the questions about Iran that Brendon O’Connell has raised and laid out, and why all might not be as it seems with Iran and its Revolution. Then we discuss the split between Bannon and McMaster on Afghanistan policy, with McMaster wanting to preserve the military status quo by increasing the number of ground troops while Bannon and Jared Kushner seek to turn Afghanistan over to private contractors such as Steve Feinberg of Dyncorp and Erik Prince formerly of Blackwater. We wrap up by discussing revelations contained in Roger Stone’s book about Trump regarding Trump’s near Presidential run in 2000 and how he worked to split the Reform Party which was in a position to take votes from the Republican Party the year George W Bush was “elected” President. We talk about how this fits Stone’s history of acting as an operative for the GOP in general and both Bushes in particular, which raises the question: was Trump’s 2000 non campaign another classic Roger Stone operation designed to help Bush while hurting those who were in a position to take votes from him?


Ante: a stake put up by a player in poker and similar games before receiving cards. Our goal is to elevate and enhance the conversation within the “alternative” media by bringing hard hitting and fearless analysis on the most important issues of our time. Hosts Greg McCarron and Jeremy Rothe Kushel provide a perspective that you won’t find anywhere else. if you are looking for a cure to your media ailments, check out The Antedote!!!

This show was broadcast on August 8, 2017.

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