The Resistance Now: it’s recess week, but Republicans are hiding from constituents

The Guardian – By Adam Gabbatt – Friday 7 July 2017

Photo: Healthcare activists in New York City. Photograph: Erik McGregor/Pacific/Barcroft.

Hide and seek …

It’s Republicans’ least-favourite time of the year: recess week. GOP senators have marked their seven days off – traditionally a time for elected officials to engage with constituents – by almost universally hiding from their constituents.

It’s because of that Senate healthcare bill, you see. Not many people like it.

As of Wednesday, only four Republicans had either held or planned to hold public town hall events. And two of those events – step forward Texas’s Ted Cruz and Pennsylvania’s Pat Toomey – were hardly public.

Photo: People protest as Pat Toomey holds an invite-only town hall. Photograph: Marc Levy/AP.

Toomey appeared in a Harrisburg television studio with an audience that had been invited by ABC 27. The number of audience members? Eight. Cruz held an event in his safe space of a Koch brothers-backed Q&A. Still, protesters outside Toomey’s gig – and hecklers inside Cruz’s – served to let the pair know what they thought of the Better Care Reconciliation Act.
… but you can’t hide forever

Meanwhile, more than 1,000 activists staged sit-ins at senators’ offices in 21 different states on Thursday – demanding that they vote no on the Senate bill.

The demonstrations were organized by Our Revolution, Democracy Spring, Ultraviolet and more, and targeted senators including the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell – the brains behind the healthcare bill – as well as Rob Portman in Ohio and Bill Cassidy in Louisiana.

Just as a reminder: that Senate bill would see 22m additional people lose healthcare, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

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Jeff Stein

Holy hell THEY ARE STILL THERE — 22.5 hours (!) after arriving, ADAPT activists keep up sit-in @ Sen. Gardner’s Denver office over TrumpCare
6:09 AM – 28 Jun 2017

Read entire article here

PS Love this putting those Republican Senators for TrumpCare on the spot and on the run from the people–about time!

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