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Illuminati Stars – Do They Actually Make Millions in Order to Steer YOU Into “the Agenda”: Don’t Buy Into it – We CAN BOYCOTT HOLLYWOOD!_on Quantum Matrix Radio

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Illuminati Stars – Do They Actually Make Millions in Order
to Steer YOU Into “the Agenda”: Don’t Buy Into it – We CAN


Ever wonder if Hollywood is really satanic, if stars have really sold their souls to the devil? Well….many have, and admittedly so! What does it mean and how does it affect our national and global world? Hollywood pop cultures draws in billions, perhaps even a collective trillions, each year, and a highly satanic, dark, illuminati-like message permeates the music our kids are listening to — is it just a little walk on the wild side or is it far, far more? ~~ Listen NOW as ex-cop and criminal defense attorney David Meiswinkle, JD speaks with author Pamela Senzee about the very real evidence of Satanism, the Illuminati, and Luciferianism in Hollywood and what the “agenda” really is? Where are the puppet masters trying to lead adherents to popular culture and why? Is it even more nefarious than sheer profit? You bet it is, wake up and get educated because it very well may be that Western society and all who admire it are being steered into just what the elites are planning for global domination. Is Hollywood is their mega mind control commercial? Is it a reality that every time we purchase anything from Hollywood we are supporting the Illuminati agenda? ~~ If so — STOP BUYING INTO IT!!!

~~Crisis actor drill in Manchester reported on RT less than 2 weeks before mass shooting
~~One Love concert after shooting features major illuminati stars
~~The importance of the Wizard of Oz to MK Ultra
~~John Podesta’s leaked emails contain code language for pedophilia:
~~Katy Perry Pizzagate Pedogate “This is How We Do”
~~”I sold my soul to the devil.”
~~SNL pedophile skits and performances
~~Bon Appitie’ SNL – cannibalism
~~Cannibalistic “spirit cooking” gala with celebs and Marina Abromovich
~~Celebs who claim they “…sold their soul to the devil”.
~~Beastiality made legal by Canadian Supreme Court
~~North American Man/Boy Love association NAMBLA, scroll down to see Allen Ginsberg’s support, during his life,
~~of this organization which pushes to lower the age of consent and make pedophilia legal
~~The movie “The Animal” teaches beastiality to 13 year olds
~~Yes, it’s true — animal/human hybrids are being engineered
~~Gummy bears made out of people!
~~Lady Gaga perfume containing “fragrance notes” of her blood and also of semen
~~Podesta’s pedophile art collection
~~Podesta’s cannibal art
~~Mind control docs
~~Television puts you into an hypnotic trance
~~Satanic superbowl
~~Silent weapons for secret wars doc/pdf
~~Disney hyper-sexualization of children
~~Illuminati Disney
~~Pedophile Disney — early film
~~Disney subliminal sex
~~Disney/Hollywood satanic subliminals
~~Beauty and the Beast is Baphomet
Quantum Matrix Radio www.quantummatrixradio.com is hosted by criminal defense attorney David Meiswinkle and produced by Pamela Senzee
QMR music is used with permission by Captain Squeegee
Truth Walk! Watch NOW! at www.qmamedia.com

This show was broadcast on June 26, 2017.

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One Response to “Illuminati Stars – Do They Actually Make Millions in Order to Steer YOU Into “the Agenda”: Don’t Buy Into it – We CAN BOYCOTT HOLLYWOOD!_on Quantum Matrix Radio”

  1. lorrie

    compelling and compassionate programme but you should try to avoid talking over one another.
    your research was spot-on, particularly about the 60’s folk rock music eruption – i just finally read the late dave mcgowan’s book about laurel canyon – it was my music too!
    look forward to you’re continuing on this broad and disturbing topic.
    many thanks and blessings –

    a listener in germany


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