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Definition of Deep State: An unelected, unaccountable, militarized, corporate, security state unaffected by public opinion or elections and beyond the rule of law

 Political Correctness:  The Dangers of Thought Crime Police
Speakers: Dr. Anthony Hall, Jeremy Rothe-Kushel
Moderator: Cheryl Curtiss

Using an intentionally ambiguous interpretation of hate crime, various politically-correct elements, including those on the Left, are aggressively blocking dissent, inquiry, and free and open debate in public forums whenever they feel their orthodox dogmas have been violated. In the United States of America, there is not a single topic that should be denied a platform for scientific, intellectual examination. (Except, of course, speech calling for or inciting violence.) Unfortunately, there have been a wave of witch hunts against academics and activists when they attempt to discuss evidentiary facts on controversial topics such as 9/11, false flags, and Zionism. They have been subjected to ad hominem attacks, fired from their jobs, and in Europe, imprisoned for voicing unpopular ideas. Such fascist behavior runs counter to our deeply entrenched democratic values and must be vigorously resisted.

Dr. Anthony Hall was suspended from his tenured position of 26 years at a Canadian university without pay for his online activism. With support from his union, Dr. Hall has since earned back pay, but has yet to be reinstated. Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, guerrilla journalist, was manhandled and ejected from a Kansas City public library event on “Truman and Israel” for asking a fact-based, but “forbidden” question during the Q&A. He was subjected to trumped-up charges of trespassing and resisting arrest.

Co-Opting the Left: Infiltration by the Corporate State to Neutralize Resistence
Speakers: Kevin Zeese, Glen Ford
Moderator: Cheryl Curtiss

Activists have always been a target of infiltration in the United States — it is the norm, not the exception. COINTELPRO, Operation Mockingbird, and MK Ultra supposedly were shut down, but they’ve actually just changed names, burrowed deeper into the bureaucratic netherworld, and are more potent than ever. Likewise, law enforcement and intelligence agencies have ramped up their crosshairs, targeting a host of Leftist organizations, including the Occupy movement, Black Lives Matter, climate change groups, Latino civil rights groups, and Standing Rock protesters. Leveraging anonymity (online and otherwise), sock puppets, online trolls, astro turf organizations, and surveillance tools such as miniature drones further complicate the ability to withstand infiltration. Co-optation, a more subtle form of infiltration, is even more effectively used to dilute radical agendas.

In the recent election, Bernie Sanders was accused of being a phony progressive whose campaign existed primarily to undercut Leftists by yoking them into the DNC fold. In the Age of Trump, co-optation is more multi-layered and murky given that many anti-Trump protesters are partisan Democrats who do not understand how Democratic neoliberal policies are just as much bulwarks for Empire as Trump and his white billionaire boys club. Other crypto Left-liberal organizations such as Indivisible, People’s Action, MoveOn, and Avaaz deftly orchestrate ostensibly progressive petitions and marches. Yet, hidden from view are 1% “philanthropists” like George Soros and Pierre Omidyar who fund these groups in order to manipulate them for Deep State purposes.

Glen Ford will talk about how Black leaders sell out their constituents every time they line up at the corporate trough (“Cory Booker, Corporate Hooker”). He will also cover infiltration of the Black Lives Matter movement. Kevin Zeese will discuss the Occupy movement as a case study in infiltration and DNC co-optation.

False Flags: Staged, Scripted, Mass Psy-Op Events 
Speakers: Dr. Kevin Barrett, Dave Lindorff, Ole Dammegard
Moderator: Dr. Lucy Morgan Edwards

False flags — attacks covertly created by one group then blamed on another for ulterior purposes — have been engineered throughout history, typically to incite wars. Today, false flags are used to achieve many shadow government goals, including fomenting Islamophobia and cowing an unwitting public into supporting a fascist agenda. Fueled by a neo-McCarthy, anti-truth climate, false flags intimidate activists from critical inquiry beyond the levels of “acceptable dissent.” Ongoing attacks — both low-level and audacious spectacles — are required to maintain a fearful populace and a permanent security state.

Leading false flag researchers are discovering a striking number of suspicious similarities between current false flag events. Examples include IDs left behind, CATV cameras turned off or “not working,” similar, simultaneous paramilitary drills, prior police knowledge of the suspects, etc. Typically, the media does a rush to judgement, spouting what will become the official story and blatantly ignoring the many anomalies.

Dr. Kevin Barrett is at the forefront of challenging the false flag phenomena. From Guy Fawkes to the USS Maine, to 9/11, Paris, and beyond, Dr. Barrett provides a comprehensive historical overview of these shadowy events. Researcher Ole Dammegard shares details from his onsite investigation of the July 2011 Norway false flag mass shooting in which a “lone gunman” executed 69 youths at a summer camp on Utoya Island. Investigative reporter Dave Lindorff will speak about the Boston Marathon false flag incongruities and outright lies, some of which surfaced at the Dzhokar Tsarnaev show trial. Lindorff will also provide details about a little-known false flag that never materialized: a plot to assassinate the “leaders” of the Houston Occupy movement — all with FBI foreknowledge. Dammegard shares details from his onsite investigation of the July 2011 Norway false flag mass shooting in which a “lone gunman” executed 69 youths at a summer camp on Utoya Island.

“Terrorism”: Fake Enemies, Fraudulent Wars
Speakers: Michael Springmann, Dr. Anthony Hall, Dr. Kevin Barrett
Moderator: Tom Kiely

Following their 9/11 soft coup, the neocons waged a planned, calculated war on Muslim states under the guise of protecting Americans from “terrorists.” Their end game was to guarantee perpetual war and a heightened security state in the US. When al Queda was no longer threatening enough, out of thin air comes ISIS, a newly-branded, more psychotic incarnation. The corporate media rarely reports that ISIS is 100% paid for and controlled by US/NATO/Israel/Saudi/Turkish forces. Publicly this bogeyman is reviled and used to whip up fear and bellicosity. Behind the scenes, ISIS and other jihadi spin-off groups are our shock troops, the go-to mercenaries to effect regime change in places like Libya and Syria — as well as inciting false flag attacks in wavering countries like France to ensure they toe the line.

The panel will expose the real purpose of “terrorism,” and show how the Left can resist these manufactured wars and fabricated heroes like the White Helmets. Michael Springmann, the diplomat-whistleblower, revealed how the CIA secretly issued visas through US embassies and consulates to produce trained-in-the-US terrorists as they did with the alleged 9/11 “hijackers.” Springmann will discuss the long-term, continuous US policy to destabilize, deculturalize, and destroy sovereign states throughout the world. Dr. Anthony Hall will explain how the transformative events of 9/11 draws on a heritage of ethnocentric contempt for otherness in which a trajectory of US imperial thuggery continues to this day.

 9/11 Truth:  Ground Zero for a Resistance Movement
Speakers: Dr. Kevin Barrett, Barbara Honegger, Richard Gage
Moderator: Dr. Lucy Morgan Edwards

Increasingly, Leftists are challenging the official 9/11 story, focusing on forensic, political facts — not ideological positions. Much of the Left leadership, however, shun discussion or investigation of the many omissions, misstatements, and deceptions of the official 9/11 narrative. They call 9/11 inquiry a distraction from “the real work.” Given that “everything changed after 9/11,” 9/11 truth activists believe the acceptance of a deceitful Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld version of 9/11 directly allowed for an unprecedented transfer of power to the Deep State. Resistance to the 9/11 official story is “the real work” required to end wars on terrorism, reduce Islamophobia, restore civil liberties, and slash the bloated military/intelligence budget.

Dr. Kevin Barrett’s talk, “9/11 as Psychological Warfare,” will reveal the historical roots of 9/11 which were in the making long before September 2001, including how 9/11 was planned as a trauma-based, mind-control psy op. Based on eyewitness testimony and science, Richard Gage, AIA, founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, will cite overwhelming evidence that controlled demolitions brought down the three World Trade Center skyscrapers — as opposed to what we were told by our government and media. Barbara Honegger will summarize the falsehoods of the official story surrounding the Pentagon and Shanksville events, as well as the pivotal role of the anthrax attacks which closely followed 9/11 and were key toward ensuring passage of the Patriot Act.

How New 9/11 Legal Actions Redefine Resistance
Speakers: Barbara Honegger, J. Michael Springmann, Jane Clark, Les Jamieson
Moderator: Sander Hicks

So many political movements continue to labor towards the creation of a just world, following decades of struggle. Yet the existence of an all-powerful security state with fascist tendencies has exerted its power to advance its agenda for absolute control at every turn. This security state hijacked our government into a corrupt institution run by and for oligarchs and corporations who conduct their business through the policy of war abroad and repression at home. A new strategy for resistance is required and time is short. The declassification of 28 pages from the Congressional Joint Inquiry on 9/11 and passage of The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) has returned focus to the cover up of the 9/11 attacks and hypocrisy of the U.S. alliance with Saudi Arabia. Following a few steps further exposes collusion by members of the Bush administration, intelligence agencies, identifiable Deep State entities, and mainstream media. These developments have led to a new phase of 9/11 litigation. Come learn how analysis of even this one area of 9/11 evidence reveals the geo-politics of the U.S.-Saudi relationship and its effect in destabilizing the Middle East. This understanding is essential to exposing the war on terror as a tool of the criminal Deep State.

 Deep State 2.0: Against Anti-Semitism, but Critical of Zionism
Speakers: Alison Weir, Joel Simpson, Sander Hicks
Moderator: Sander Hicks

he September 2016 foreign aid package to Israel grants it $38 billion from the US, over the next ten years. In a recent poll, half of progressive and left-leaning Americans said Israel has too much influence on the US government. BDS and Black Lives Matter have recently given voice against Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. A recent FOIA request released the FBI’s own report on the four “Israeli movers” apprehended by police for celebrated the 9/11 attacks, in New Jersey. The Deep State 2.0 Panel points the way to a new path to peace in the Middle East: remove the massive funding from the US war machine, and it support for Zionist aggression. Fearlessly expose Israel’s and the CIA’s role in 9/11/01. End the racist demonization of Islam, and grant full statehood and human rights to Palestine. We reject the cliche that assume the Middle East will be at perpetual war, and that the conflict between Arabs and Jews is insurmountable. Peace in the Middle East will come when all sides have an equal common need to come to the table. We must parse out the Anti-Semitism in peace, anti-war and deep state politics, while being critical of Zionist militarism, aggression, and imperialism.


Dr. Kevin Barrett

Kevin Barrett, an American Muslim and Islamic Studies scholar, is one of the best-known critics of the war on terror. His latest books, a trilogy on false flags, are Orlando False Flag (2016), ANOTHER French False Flag (2016), and We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo (2015). Dr. Barrett has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS, and other broadcast outlets, and inspired feature stories and op-eds in The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, The Chicago Tribune, and other mainstream publications. A former professor of French, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Humanities, and other subjects at colleges and universities in Paris, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Wisconsin, he is currently a talk-radio host and an editor at Veterans Today. His website is TruthJihad.com.

Ole Dammegård

Ole Dammegård, recipient of the Prague Peace Prize 2016, is an award-winning author, investigator, speaker, journalist, and artist who has dedicated the last 30 years to researching global conspiracies. He has investigated the assassinations of JFK, the Swedish Prime minister Olof Palme, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, and Lady Di, as well as the terror attacks of 9/11, Norway, Oklahoma City, Paris, Brussels, Nice, and many more. Dammegard is considered a leading expert on false flag operations, who believes that the same global elite entities have used the same tactics and scenarios for decades.   By thoroughly studying site clues, Dammegard is able to uncover connections between the various false flag events. His specialty is predicting where the next attack will occur in order to help avert these planned massacres.

Dr. Lucy Morgan Edwards

Lucy Morgan Edwards is author of “The Afghan Solution: The Inside Story of Abdul Haq, the CIA, and How Western Hubris Lost Afghanistan.” The book explores an indigenous peace plan that could have toppled the Taliban regime in 2001 and why Western Intelligence impeded it. Dr. Edwards has been involved with Afghanistan and Pakistan since 1999. During the Taliban regime, she ran community-based projects for the UN in Kandahar and Herat. Following 9/11, she remained in Afghanistan and experienced the so-called “War on Terror” firsthand in various roles, including as an election monitor, a researcher on transitional justice, a freelance journalist, a political advisor to the EU Ambassador, and “Country Expert” to the EU Chief Election Observer of the 2005 Parliamentary elections. Dr. Edwards received her Ph.D. from Exeter University in 2015. She has lectured at Chatham House, RUSI, Kings College, the Carr Centre at Harvard, the Saltzman Institute at Columbia University, the New America Foundation, among others.

Glen Ford

Glen Ford is a veteran of more than 45 years in broadcast, print, and internet journalism. A former Washington Bureau Chief and White House, Capitol Hill, and State Department correspondent, Ford co-founded and hosted “America’s Black Forum,” the first nationally-syndicated Black news interview program on commercial television. He also launched and owned the radio syndications “Black World Report,” “Black Agenda Reports,” and “Rap It Up,” the first national hip hop music show. He has worked as a radio newsman in Washington, Baltimore, and Atlanta, Columbus, and Augusta, Georgia, and produced over 1,000 radio and TV commercials. In print, Ford has edited or served as staff reporter for three newspapers, two of them dailies. He was national political columnist for Encore American & Worldwide News magazine, founded The Black Commentator and Africana Policies magazines, and authored “The Big Lie: An Analysis of U.S. Media Coverage of the Grenada Invasion” (IOJ, 1985). On the Internet, Ford co-founded BlackCommentator.com in 2002 and BlackAgendaReport.com (BAR) in 2006. He is currently executive editor of BAR, a weekly magazine of “news, commentary, and analysis from the Black left.” Along with co-host Nellie Hester Bailey, Ford hosts and produces the weekly, one-hour Black Agenda Radio program on the Progressive Radio network. He also produces two weekly radio commentaries that air on approximately 40 radio stations.

Richard Gage

Richard Gage, AIA, was a San Francisco Bay Area architect for 28 years, and the founder and CEO of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE9/11Truth). He launched the organization in 2006, with a call for a new, independent investigation — with full subpoena power — into the 9/11 destruction of the World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 7. To date, 2,850 architects and engineers (degreed and licensed, active and retired) have signed the AE911Truth petition demanding a new investigation.

AE9/11Truth also represents more than 21,000 non-architect/non-engineer petition signers, including scientists, attorneys, and other responsible, educated citizens in the US and abroad. All signatories of both AE911Truth petitions cite what they believe is overwhelming evidence pointing to the controlled demolition of the three WTC skyscrapers.

In his architectural career, Gage designed most types of building construction, including numerous fire-proofed, steel-framed buildings. For example, he worked on the construction documents for a $400M mixed-use urban project with 1.2 million square feet of retail and 320,000 square feet of mid-rise office space, plus a parking structure, totaling some 1,200 tons of steel framing.

Gage began his quest for the truth about the collapse of the WTC high-rises after hearing on the radio the startling conclusions of reluctant 9/11 researcher/writer/speaker David Ray Griffin. Since founding AE911Truth, Gage has delivered his live multimedia presentation “9/11: Blueprint for Truth” more than 500 times in 37 foreign countries and 110 American cities to audiences ranging in size from 30 to 3,000. He has appeared in more than 550 radio and television spots.

Barbara Honegger

Barbara Honegger, M.S., is a leading researcher, author, and public speaker on the September 11th Pentagon attack and subsequent anthrax scares. She was a White House policy analyst during the Reagan administration, as well as Director of the Attorney General’s Anti-Discrimination Law Review at the Department of Justice. Additionally, Honegger was a Senior Military Affairs Journalist at the Naval Postgraduate School, the premiere science, technology, and national security affairs graduate research university of the Department of Defense. Due to her access to high-level military and civilian officials, Honegger has been able to piece together the inside story of the Pentagon attack on 9/11 resulting in her authoritative work, “Behind the Smoke Curtain: What Happened at the Pentagon on 9/11, and What Didn’t, and Why It Matters.” Her pioneering whistleblowing book, “October Surprise,” about the Iran side of the Iran/Contra scandal led to the full-subpoena-power House of Representatives investigation.

Dr. Anthony James Hall

Anthony James Hall is a tenured full professor of Liberal Education and Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta Canada where he has worked for 26 years. From 1990 until 2001, Dr. Hall was Associate Professor of Native American Studies. Presently he is co-host False Flag Weekly News with Dr. Kevin Barrett . Additionally, he is Editor-In-Chief of American Herald Tribune. He is well known for his acclaimed two-volume series, “The Bowl With One Spoon” and “Earth into Property,” a peer-reviewed project published by McGill-Queen’s University Press, which includes a history of the 9/11 truth movement. In early October of 2016, Dr. Hall was suspended in violation of the protections of tenure and the terms of the faculty-administration collective agreement. Without his knowledge, a provocateur had planted a reprehensible antisemitic photo on Dr. Hall’s Facebook page which instigated a call for his removal. In the notice of suspension, the president of the university awkwardly speculated that Dr. Hall might have violated the Alberta Human Rights Act because he “inferred that Israelis, and hence Jewish individuals, were responsible for the attacks on the World Trade Centre on Sept. 11, 2001.” Dr. Hall is challenging the university for reinstatement of his teaching position.

Tom Kiely

Tom Kiely is an alternative media activist based in Brooklyn, NY. In 2002, Kiely co-founded INN World Report, an alternative daily news and information television program which broadcast nationally for seven years on the Dish Network satellite system’s Free Speech TV. For the past nine years, Kiely has hosted INN World Report Radio, broadcast over the worldwide web from Austin, Texas. The mission of International News Net (INN) is to provide the public with an alternative view on important issues — in contrast to the “fake news” the corporate media peddles in service to their corporate masters. Kiely believes he used to better understand the body politic by dividing it along right and left lines. Now he finds it much more useful to understand the political public by dividing them on informational lines, between those who still believe the corporate media is telling them the truth versus those who no longer do.

Dave Lindorff

Dave Lindorff is an award-winning veteran investigative reporter (Village Voice, Nation, Mother Jones, Salon, WhoWhatWhy, Counterpunch, etc.) and the author of four books, including “Marketplace Medicine: Rise of the For-Profit Hospital Chains” (Bantam, 1992), “Killing Time: An Investigation into the Death Penalty Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal” (2003, Common Courage Press), and “The Case for Impeachment” (St. Martin’s Press, 2006). Lindorff is the founding editor of the collectively-run news site ThisCantBeHappening.net. He earned a B.A. in Chinese at Wesleyan University (1972) and an M.S. in journalism from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism (1975). From 1992-97, he was a correspondent for Business Week in Hong Kong and China.

Jeremy Rothe-Kushel

Jeremy Rothe-Kushel has a background in politics from local to international, officeholder to activist, with recent experience in mediajamming, guerilla journalism, and consensus-building in the realms of deep politics, economics, and ecologics. He is currently working on a documentary titled “September Eleventh Uncoverage” based on a decade of investigative research and experience aimed at uncovering the 9/11 cover-up. Rothe-Kushel has put public figures across the political spectrum “on the record” about vital issues that are often controversial but always emancipatory. Some of his journalistic encounters include Michael Hayden, John Yoo, Joe Biden, Eric Holder, Mike Pompeo, Kris Kobach, Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Jay Rockefeller, Jill Stein, Amy Goodman. In addition to his political and journalist activism, Jeremy has produced and performed hiphop and other futureroots music for over two decades. While at Williams College completing his B.A. in Religion, Jeremy founded and over the next decade taught an original approach to musical education called “HipHop Empowerment.” His students were of diverse ages and backgrounds from the Bronx to Boston, Southern Vermont to South Central L.A. He continues to collaborate on and coalesce around a transpartisan, permaculturally-informed integral politics of the radical middle. Rothe-Kushel is developing scalable plans for an American renaissance based on assembly culture, deep democracy, and cooperative entrepreneurism.

Kevin Zeese

Kevin Zeese, J.D., is co-director of Popular Resistance, a movement for social, economic, and environmental justice. He has been a political activist since graduating from George Washington Law School in 1980, and is recognized as leading advocate in the Americans Who Tell the Truth series. Zeese co-hosts Clearing the FOG radio which airs on We Act Radio, 1480 AM. He is co-founder of Come Home America which brings people from across the political spectrum together to work against war and militarism. He served on the steering committees of the Chelsea Manning Support Network and on the advisory board of the Courage Foundation (supporters of Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers). Zeese was an organizer of the Occupation of Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC in 2011. He was also president of Common Sense for Drug Policy and co-founder of the Drug Policy Alliance (originally the Drug Policy Foundation). Zeese was Attorney General in the Green Shadow Cabinet and has worked to improve election integrity by challenging the Chamber of Commerce through StopTheChamber.org, opposing the activities of Karl Rove’s Americans Crossroads (in efforts to overturn the Citizen’s United decision), and filing complaints against Justice Clarence Thomas (ProtectOurElections.org). Zeese worked to prosecute Rupert Murdoch of NewsCorp for hacking into private phones and bribing officials, as well as leading the effort to stop computerized, electronic voting in Maryland (True Vote Maryland). Zeese has been active in political campaigns, including Peter Camejo for governor of California and press secretary and spokesperson for Ralph Nader in 2004. He ran for the US Senate in 2006 — the only person ever nominated by the Green and Libertarian parties.

J. Michael Springmann

J. Michael Springmann is an attorney and former diplomat who lives and works in Washington, DC. He holds two degrees in international affairs in addition to his law degree. Springmann spent nine years as a diplomat—five in Germany, two in India, and nearly two in Saudi Arabia with the US Department of State. Prior to leaving the Department, he served in its Bureau of Intelligence and Research. He has belonged to a number of Arab and Muslim organizations and has received a Pro Bono Attorney of the Year award from the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. Now a writer and political commentator, Springmann is also the author of Visas for Al Qaeda: CIA Handouts That Rocked the World, which discusses America’s destabilization of the Balkans, South and Southwest Asia, and North Africa to achieve international objectives. Michael’s site is www.michaelspringmann.com.

Jane Clark

Jane Clark is in private practice handling Texas Workers’ Compensation cases, Probate, and general legal practice including personal injury, collections, domestic relations, and criminal law with 26 years of experience in these areas. She has her law degree from the University of Idaho Law School (Moscow), a Masters Degree from Texas A & M University in Biochemistry & Biophysics (College Station), and worked for the famed Professor Emeritus, Dr. Joseph Nagyvary from Budapest, Hungary on cancer research at TAMU. Ms. Clark spent years with major JFK researchers from 1980 to present working with Lawrence Teeter, Esq. (now deceased) on research into the RFK assassination in Teeter’s position as Counsel for Sirhan Sirhan. Ms. Clark was lawyer for JFK Lancer, the major conference held in Dallas every year in November for JFK Assassination researchers from around the world. She now serves as Chair of the Lawyers’ Committee For 9/11 Inquiry.

Les Jamieson

Les Jamieson has studied the alternative research into 9/11 since November, 2001. He has been publicly active as a 9/11 truth activist and organizer since January of 2004, spending countless days at Ground Zero doing public outreach and education as well as many other locations throughout New York City, informing people from all over the world about the discrepancies in the official 9/11 story. Les attended two of the four 9/11 Commission hearings, and five hearings by the NIST investigation into why the buildings collapsed, which has given him an up close realization of the depth and scope of the official cover-up. Beginning October 2014, Les spearheaded an effort to generate grassroots support for legislation to release the 28 pages from the Congressional Joint Inquiry on 9/11, as well as mobilize public support for the passage of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA). For the 15th anniversary of 9/11 this past September, Les co-organized a weekend symposium called “9/11 Justice In Focus”. Les has chaired panels on the 28 pages at the Left Forum in 2015 and 2016.

Sander Hicks

Sander Hicks is founder of Soft Skull Press, Vox Pop Inc., and Zen Carpentry. As a writer, he has written seven plays and musicals, and sings in his art-punk band White Collar Crime. His most recent book is Slingshot to the Juggernaut: Total Resistance to the Death Machine Means Complete Love of the Truth. (Soft Skull, 2012).

Alison Weir

Alison Weir is an American activist and writer who focuses on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She is the founder and executive director of the nonprofit organization If Americans Knew (IAK) and president of the Council for the National Interest (CNI). She is known for critical views toward Israel.[1] Weir is author of Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel, and she and If Americans Knew are known for critiquing media coverage of Israel. She has received both criticism and praise for her activism.

Joel Simpson

He has a political background – – coming soon…..this is a piece of his bio as a pro photographer: Joel Simpson has been in love with photography since age 13. His fine art work has been shown in Europe (Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Tours), in New York and elsewhere in the U.S. and published many times (you can visit his fine art website: joelsimpsonart.com).



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