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Syria Dismisses US Accusations About Crematory at Sednaya Prison, Demands The UN to Take Action Against Coalition’s Slaughters of Syrian Civilians

Global Research, May 18, 2017
Fort Russ 16 May 2017

Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry dismissed the latest Trmup administration accusations about a crematory at Sednaya prison, which is allegedly being used to cover-up mass executions, saying the US administration is trying to amuse the public with yet another Hollywood-like story.

The ministry then compared the latest US provocation to their previous barrel bombs and chemical weapons publicity stunts.

The accusations come in time of the Syrian Army’s huge victories against terrorist groups, many of which are backed by Washington.

The Trump administration never managed to provide any credible proof that authorities in Syria are running a crematory at Sednaya prison.

Syrian government also responded to the recent killings of Syrian civilians by the US-led anti-ISIS coalition’s airstrikes in the countrysides of Raqqah and Deir Ez Zour provinces.

Earlier on Tuesday, Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry addressed the Secretary  General of the United Nations and the President of the UN Security Council, on yesterday’s slaughters of nearly 100 Syrian civilians, resulting from coalition air strikes.

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In a statement, included within letters, sent to the aforementioned UN bodies, the ministry said that Syria condemns, in strongest terms, latest aggression made by the US-led anti ISIS coalition, which resulted in deaths of nearly 100 Syrian civilians.

The ministry also pointed out that the international coalition made illegal incursions into Syrian airspace and violated territorial integrity of a sovereign country, adding that Syria once again demands the UNSC to pressure the coalition forces to immediately cease all acts of aggression and violations of international law, UN Charter including, and not ignore its demands as it did before.

Yesterday, US-led anti-ISIS international coalition carried out two air raids in the sovereign Syrian territory: one in the village of Aakerchi and another one in the town of Abu Kamal, located in the countryside of the eastern province of Deir Ez Zour.

Both raids resulted in deaths of approx.100 civilians, majority of them being women and children.



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