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Lazy Sundays in one of Amsterdam’s great record shops

The Guardian – By Dave Clarke – Wednesday May 03, 2017
Photo: Concerto Recordstore, Amsterdam. Photograph: Concerto Recordstore.

On Sundays I try to go to Concerto, a record shop that opened long before I was born. It’s become a ritual for me after the busy week of DJ’ing and travelling all over the world, a way of grounding me back into my Amsterdam life.

All my non-techno and non-digital purchases of the past 10 years have come from here. I have seen it change, from being a bit lost in the download music revolution to being revitalised.

Photo: Concerto Recordstore, Amsterdam, Photograph: Caroline van der Waal.

One part of the shop (it is actually many shops cobbled together through little openings and different levels) has become a cosy area with delightfully ramshackle seats to see live groups or enjoy a coffee with delicious homemade cake, or pick up a book from a shelf and peruse.

At the other end of the shop is the area I get almost all my vinyl from, usually on a recommendation from the staff or something that is playing in the background. The racks go on forever, upstairs, downstairs, round the corner … the order sort of makes sense, but not completely, which means you accidentally find records in the same way that John Peel would present his radio show, and they, of course, will be the ones you cherish the most.

Photo: Concerto Recordstore, Amsterdam. Photograph: Concerto Recordstore.

It is worth mentioning that the racks are at a decent height, so there’s no uncomfortable digging through the crates at floor level.

For me, this place encapsulates everything that is good about a record shop: it is spiritually fulfilling, not posey or snobby, no High Fidelity vibes from behind the counter – on the contrary, the staff are damn friendly.

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