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The day I met a wild donkey on the desert freeway #447 at 70 MPH

No Lies Radio – By Teri Perticone – March 05, 2017

Photo: Wild Donkey’s or Jackass’s of the Northern Nevada Desert.

It was a beautiful day in February the snow was melted, sun was shining and all was well at 70 MPH on Hwy #447 when galloping down the road on the other side of the freeway was a wild horse or donkey. I was stunned and started to slow down and by the time it approached me, I had stopped the car,  it headed right at my car,  then suddenly turned and went off the freeway onto the side of the road. Feeling both terrified and relived, I arrived at the country store 6 miles down the freeway still shaken.


When I shared my story with the owner and a customer they told me there was a group of donkey’s who lived up the road near the water tower. Yes, but this donkey was on the freeway heading towards town and almost ran right into my car? I had been going 70 MPH when I spotted it. I could tell that they thought I was just a city slicker from the San Francisco Bay Area, trying to make it living in the sticks and overreacting. They assured me that there had not been any incidents of a donkey running into a car.

So, I left the store feeling a little silly for even mentioning it. I had been traveling for a couple of miles when ahead of me on the same side of the freeway was the same donkey galloping down the road at about 30 miles per hour! I slowed down and followed for awhile and the donkey kept looking back at me with a wide-open, wild look in it’s eyes. I was afraid to pass it not knowing how a donkey would react to being passed and thought better of it–just then, it passed right in front of my car and headed off the freeway onto the road. I followed the donkey the few miles remaining into town and a couple of times I caught site of it laughing.

I felt like I had a moment traveling on the real wild side. It’s always a new adventure living here in the middle of the Northern Nevada Desert. Happy Trails to you.

Photo: Wild Burror, Donkey or Jackass. Rogue Socks Photography.Rogue Socks Photography.

Posted by Teri Perticone


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