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Why are Max Blumenthal and Alex Jones shilling for the 9/11 perps?_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Why are Max Blumenthal and Alex Jones shilling for the 9/11 perps?

First 20 minutes: Greg McCarron was horrified when he saw “famous anti-Zionist Jew” Max Blumenthal essentially propagandizing for genocide on RT. See: 9/11 mastermind’s letter to Obama contains ‘rational motives’ – journalist
By reinforcing the ludicrous official 9/11 narrative, and blaming torture victim and brainwashing victim Khalid Sheikh Mohammed for a crime he couldn’t possibly have committed, Blumenthal has arguably committed some very serious crimes against humanity: Complicity in torture; misprision of treason; obstruction of justice in a case of almost 3,000 capital murders; and propaganda for genocide. Whether Blumenthal is doing this consciously on behalf of the 9/11 perpetrators who tortured Khalid Sheikh Mohammed into false confessions, or unconsciously for psychological reasons, is a matter to be decided in war crimes trials. And whoever has been blocking 9/11 truth at RT since the apparent murder of RT founder Michael Lesin ought to be sharing the docket with Blumenthal and the rest of the genocide-propaganda and torture-apologist perps.

Final 40 minutes: Richie Allen interviews Kevin Barrett on the sad decline of the formerly alternative media — including ex-9/11-truthers like Alex Jones who are now promoting the anti-Muslim genocide that was the whole purpose of 9/11.

This show was broadcast on February 27, 2017.

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One Response to “Why are Max Blumenthal and Alex Jones shilling for the 9/11 perps?_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. Great show Kevin, i enjoyed both the guests, or the host in the 2nd case. i have never heard of him, but he is someone new to listen to.


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