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Climate: Breaking the Silence_on Ecoshock

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ECOSHOCK — Climate: Breaking the Silence

voices they don’t want heard… “Beyond the Green Zone” war reporter Dahr Jamail covers climate change like no other. His stories and his story. Then Peruvian climate activist, anthropologist and feminist Maria Alejandra Rodriguez Acha adds another fresh perspective.
Featured speakers: Dahr Jamail, Maria Alejandra Rodriguez Acha.

Show blog published Wednesday at http://www.ecoshock.info with all the links. Visit Radio Ecoshock here.

This show was broadcast on February 17, 2017.

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One Response to “Climate: Breaking the Silence_on Ecoshock”

  1. Vince Giesbrecht

    Much ado about nothing. Do you folks ever stop and think logically, rationally, applying physics and math to your assumptions?

    How MUCH CO2 in the atmosphere is the right amount and even if it had some magical properties to cause warming … is there ENOUGH of it in the atmosphere to make any difference whatsoever?

    Let’s assume that the data is correct and that 60 years ago the level of CO2 in the atmosphere was 250 ppm and that today it’s 400 ppm.

    That means … 60 years ago the atmosphere was 99.975% FREE of CO2 … and today the atmosphere is 99.96% free of CO2. What DIFFERENCE does that tiny difference actually make … even if CO2 had some inherent heat giving qualities?

    Then, consider something else: The oxygen/carbon dioxide balance. All of the oxygen in our atmosphere is generated by plant life via photosynthesis from … EXACTLY the same amount of CO2 gas!

    Since Oxygen comprises about 21% of our atmosphere, there MUST be the same amount of CO2 available for plants to sustain that amount of oxygen production. Yet, at .04% of the atmospheric content, there simply is almost NOTHING in the atmosphere for plants to utilize.

    Obviously then, CO2 doesn’t return to plant life through the atmosphere but rather … through some alternate pathway … right? We are seeing merely TRACE amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere and no one can explain just HOW such a teensy amount could effect any difference whatsoever … especially when balanced against the much more prolific and powerful greenhouse gas of water vapor.

    Come on folks. Use your heads and start THINKING and quit blindly believing whatever your hear.


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