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They’re Not Fooling Anyone — We All Know Why The Dems Are Attacking Tulsi Gabbard

06 Feb 2017    16,117 views

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If they don’t tear her down now, she could easily become the 46th President of the United States.

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The Democratic party is acting like a pack of bitchy little high school girls. They can see a bold, beautiful new face quickly ascending the social ladder, and they’re doing everything they can to tear her down before she becomes a threat to their status. Every corporate Democrat in Washington is already gossiping in low whispers about how to preemptively sabotage a possible 2020 presidential run, and every neoliberal propaganda mill is churning out attack pieces on her to smear her good name and paint her noble deeds as something people should treat with suspicion.

The most revolutionary thing an American leader can do today is stand up to the military industrial complex and throw a monkey wrench in the corporatist wars of the oligarchs. Not only is war itself one of the most profitable industries in the US economy, but the entire neoliberal economic scheme is premised upon its ability to prop itself up with the barrel of a gun. The only reason America’s economy is still officially standing tall after obliterating its middle class and funneling all new income to the wealthiest of the wealthy is because it’s been able to force the governments of the world to submit to the dominance of the US dollar using the carrot of military alliance and the stick of military retaliation.

This psychopathic balancing act depends upon America’s corporate crony politicians falling in line with the agenda, and Hawaiian Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is refusing to fall in line with the agenda.

The implications of this are huge. If America can keep Commanders-in-Chief in office who refuse to play along with corporatist gunpoint economy-building, America will be forced to restructure its entire economy into something healthy in order to avoid economic collapse. And it will. The obscenely top-heavy paradigm will become unsustainable as the nation quickly moves toward the creation of a real economy built upon real things like industry and innovation instead of petrodollars, debt, the manipulations of Wall Street, and threats of military violence. The extortion scheme of the oligarchs will be thwarted and toppled.

Hillary Clinton received twice as much money from the military industrial complex as Donald Trump because she is the model corporatist Democrat, and the reason she was able to ascend to the top of the party ladder was because she prostrated herself before the oligarchic agenda more devoutly than any other. But the establishment Democrats are all like her, all striving to become her with each passing day.

So they attack Tulsi Gabbard because she opposes everything they stand for, and their media mouthpieces follow suit. The CIA-funded Washington Post has been relentlessly vitriolic in slandering her and telling outright lies about her trip to Syria with Dennis Kucinich, and the Chelsea Clinton-directed Daily Beast ran a story saying her trip’s financier is a member of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, an accusation the peace-loving Kucinich charitably labeled “so much horseshit I can’t believe it.” In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper upon her return, Gabbard faced a barrage of smears and subtle accusations without being asked a single question about her fact-finding trip.

So in this ass backwards world we now live in, the Republican President speaks openly of America’s history of military misdeeds, and the Democrats demonize and attack the peacemakers. This psychosis has traveled from the top down as it so often does in a nation where government propaganda is legal, and now the American people are partaking in the bitchy high school slander as well. Next time Tulsi does something amazing, watch how they all react. It’s all pursed-lips and Mean Girls and “Z’omg, like wtf, she thinks she’s soooo great, I mean seriously, she literally wants to be President. Like, literally.”

People seriously say that. Like it’s a bad thing. Whenever I write an article about the latest thing this amazing progressive warrior has done, it always gets comments dismissing her because she “wants to be president.”

To which my answer is always “Well I sure hope she thinks it’d be okay because thousands of people have vowed to personally carry her themselves to the podium and make her run. We need her to run. She’s the only Democrat with integrity!”

Blame my Catholic school girl education but I can spot a passive aggressive takedown by sly bitches in any context, and this particular flavor of bitch makes me so crazy angry because it only ever works on the brightest but most humble among us.

Think about it. Try using that on Hillary as a pejorative — “She wants to be President.” Well, duh. No shit, Sherlock. It doesn’t even work; it’s just a statement of fact.

For someone doing their best to be true to the truth like Tulsi, however, being told she has ambitions is about the insult that might stick and give her pause for reflection, and potentially have her back away from a tilt. That’s their aim. But only for someone as pure as Tulsi. For anyone else, it’s not even worth saying because it would be met with a “So what?”

These basic bitches will even try to say that her courageous trip to Syria was all for a “photo op”. For real, that’s what they’re saying. The only politician in years with enough balls to put on a flak jacket and get down there to see what was happening with her own eyes and ears, someone brave enough to risk a trip to one of the most volatile places on earth, was just doing it for the photo op. Makes perfect sense, right? That’s why all the tourists are flocking to Syria with their selfie sticks and makeup kits, right?

They’ll say she went there for a “photo op” because “she wants to be president” in the same breath that they accuse Assad of being a murderous butcher, while being careful to not link the two concepts. I mean, it’s pretty hard to say he’s one of the most dangerous men on earth while trying to also say she flew all the way over there for a few opportunistic selfies.

(Protip: if you offer to crowdfund a ticket for one of these cowards to check out Syria for themselves, they quickly run away.)

Just the fact that they know this strategy would work means that they see it too — she’s a woman of integrity with her compass resolutely set to truth. She must be. They feel it too. They know she’s going to keep doing awesome, courageous things to restore sanity to the earth and undermine the stranglehold of the oligarchy while their Cory Bookers and Elizabeth Warrens keep trying to find ways to support their plutocrat owners while still looking like progressives to the unobservant masses. She’s going to keep striding forward with selfless acts of heroism while their old political heroes slowly expose themselves for the cowards they are, and the crushing cognitive dissonance will become impossible to avoid.

Until then, though, they’ll all keep sniping, keep slandering, keep trying to throw shade upon someone who looks more and more like the real deal with each passing day. Because they’re threatened, and we all know it. We all know the oligarchy has lost control of the narrative, and the American people are acutely done being lied to. We all know people are sick of their stupid wars and economic exploitation, and we all know people are ready to start voting to end it. They attack Tulsi Gabbard because they know she could well become the 46th President of the United States. We all know it, and it’s awesome.



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