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Global Skywatch Expert Russ Tanner: Chemtrails and the Luciferian Agenda Behind Agenda 21_on Quantum Matrix Radio

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Global Skywatch Expert Russ Tanner:
Chemtrails and the Luciferian Agenda Behind Agenda 21

Russ Tanner is the founder of GlobalSkywatch.com: A website raising awareness and educating the public about the profound dangers of ongoing chemical aerosol spray programs. However, his discussion on Quantum Matrix Radio took an unexpected turn as he and host Pamea Senzee explore the Luciferian roots of the New World Order cabal and their Mystery Babylon belief system — are these beliefs the actual driver behind the chemtrail operations? Listen to today’s show to find out!

Russ Tanner is also founder and President of Herb Allure, Inc., a company that supports naturopathic doctors and herbalists by providing referenced scientific research about herbs,
nutritional supplements, essential oils, and homeopathics.

Russ suffered with and recovered from severe mercury toxicity and is dedicated to educating others about safe detox, recovery, and prevention. He has written articles, lectured, and given numerous interviews about health, geoengineering, and the deeper side of geopolitics.

Russ is an ISCET-certified technician with a degree in electronics, and has worked in
embedded-systems electronic design, theater sound and lighting, music production,
computer programming, and internet application development.

Russ Tanner sites:

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This show was broadcast on January 30, 2017.

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