Peeling Back Trump’s Covers_on Cynthia McKinney’s Midnight Oil

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Midnight Oil with Cynthia McKinney


Peeling Back Trump’s Covers

From the Trump Inauguration Speech to PizzaGate, Cynthia peels back the covers and provides a window into what’s really going on in Washington, D.C.—and what we see isn’t pretty at all!

This show was broadcast on January 26, 2017.

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One Response to “Peeling Back Trump’s Covers_on Cynthia McKinney’s Midnight Oil”

  1. Samm Simpson

    Cynthia, I’m with you. Been lying low for a time and season. Ran for Congress in Florida’s 10th district back in 06, cause Yahwah told me to. Against former Chairman of Appropriations Committee, Bill Young. Had only 25,000 got on the ballot with petitions. Talked about everything and got 67000 votes. But . . .since then, really caretaking a disabled daughter who has been pummeled by every evil institution in this world,
    So,a friend sent me this link. it was a fantastic radio show, I still remember when you were in Congress and the questions for the liar Rumsfeld. It was a joy to hear this show. I’m going to be doing a little radio show, my own on a local lowpower and also with another person – it’s his show classic redneck

    I’m hoping we can get you to be a guest on one of our shows. It’s starting up again soon,

    Bless you may Yahwah protect and guide you.

    Shalom, Ms. Samm Simpson

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