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Turkey is being attacked because it is negotiating with Russia?

Russia and Turkey are to exclusively decide Syria’s fate  / Putin and Erdogan Revive Pipeline Deal

“Erdo?an was originally promised his caliphate only if he fastidiously followed orders from NATO and Washington, which he has not.

“The Turks have been so enriched by the current phase of war profiteering …Extremely profitable human trafficking, drug trafficking … arms trafficking … antiquity trafficking. And it is Turkish businessmen who are the dealmakers and middlemen much of the time…

“It was the NATO coup in Ankara which impelled Erdogan to side with Putin.”

The Millennium Report

But, why does the Erdogan government seem to be so ineffective against the ‘terrorists’?

Is the Erdogan government heavily infiltrated by certain foreign powers?

Reina nightclub.

31 December 2016 – 1 January 2017:

Some 25,000 police officers were on duty and patrolling the streets in Istanbul to guard against a possible terror attack.

The US embassy had warned of terror attacks on New Year’s Eve and recommended that American citizens in Turkey not celebrate the New Year in crowded places.

Web SiteThe owner of the Reina nightclub, Mehmet Kocarslan, has said that security had been stepped up after warnings.


After the attack.

The attackers, who were armed with AK-47s, were able to enter and leave the Reina nighclub with ease.

The Reina is opposite a police station.

Web SiteOne of the shooters, after the shootings, “cleaned his weapon and changed his clothes, spending 13 minutes in the nightclub’s kitchen, and later escaped the scene.”

It was reported that police deployments to secure the area around the nightclub had been deliberately scaled back just before the attack.

3 policemen who worked at the door that night were not there during the attack.Witness claim: “it took police 90 minutes before arriving on the scene.”

False Flag AND Inside Job: Istanbul Nightclub Shooting

Fatih Cakmak

Fatih Çakmak, a policeman who was on duty at the nightclub during the New Year celebrations, was reportedly killed.

Çakmak had previously escaped another attack while working at the match between Be?ikta? and Bursaspor when a car bomb exploded.


According to Hurriyet: “The authorities are evaluating how the attacker(s) knew all of Reina’s exits, including the three secret doors known only by the personnel working there.

“He (they) also knew that the guards of the nightclub were not carrying guns.”

Local reports claim that three casings have been recovered from US-made stun grenades, that the suspect(s) used them while reloading AK47.

False Flag AND Inside Job: Istanbul Nightclub Shooting

2008 video, reminding us of Turkey’s turbulent history.

In 2016, it was reported that Mossad’s boss Yossi Cohen was to visit the JW Marriott hotel in Istanbul.

Pertemuan Rahasia Kepala Mossad dengan Menlu Saudi, Turki


What about Mossad?

‘Victim’ Leanne Nasser, an Arab Israeli.

(LATEST UPDATES at the end of this post)Leanne Nasser, 19, was at the Istanbul nightclub with three friends from her home village of Tira in central Israel.

These young women from Tira are Arab-Israelis.

Tira has been asscociated with wealthy gangsters.

Mabruk Abdel-Kater runs the largest crime family in the Tira area of Israel.

Police nab Israeli-Arab mob family.

The Abdel-Kater family is said to be involved in extortion, drugs and gangland killings.

The Hariri crime family operates in the same area.

Leanne Nasser was reportedly killed in Istanbul.

One of the perpetrators of the attack on Istanbul’s Reina nightclub was killed, The Guardian reported on Sunday 1 January 2017, citing Turkish officials.

One of the Istanbul Nightclub Attack perpetrators was killed

Eyewitness testimonies, reported by the Turkish media, described up to three attackers.

2017 Istanbul nightclub attack

The Turkish Authorities originally claimed that one shooter was killed by the police.


Above, we see Bono at Istanbul’s Reina nightclub which was attacked on 31 December 2016.

Past celebrity guests have included singers Kylie Minogue, Sting, Kevin Costner, Uma Thurman and Salma Hayek.


Binali (Millionaire Ali) Yildirim
The nightclub shooting in Istanbul, on 31 December 2016, involved Israelis and elements of the Turkish government.

Binali (Millionaire Ali) Yildirim is Turkey’s prime minister.

Binali is reportedly the leader of a group which steals public funds.
In 2013, tape recordings “incriminated Binali and Recep Tayyip Erdo?an in the embezzlement of public funds.”

Binali has been identified by several investigative journalists as being the owner of 17 companies, 28 ships and 2 super-yachts.

Close friends – Turkish and Israeli security services.

On 12 April 2016, Benali’s son was photographed by a Sözcü newspaper journalist playing roulette at the Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore.[68]Soon after, photographs of Benali’s nephew were leaked showing him drinking alcohol.[71]

Turkey is said to be run by crypto-Jews.

Mourning the dead after the nightclub shooting.

Is Binali telling the truth about the nightclub shootings in Istanbul on 31 December 2016?Turkey’s Prime Minister Binali Yildirim claims that there was only one gunman.

He also claims there is no truth to reports that the attacker wore a Santa hat, despite the CCTV footage from inside the club appearing to show the gunman wearing a santa hat.

There were several shooters.“Gunmen dressed as Santa Claus massacred 35 people in an Istanbul nightclub terror attack in Turkey just after midnight on New Year’s Eve.”

Attackers stormed into the nightclub Reina and began shooting, The New York Times reported.

Many of the police officers who were on duty in Istanbul and around the Reina were dressed as Santa Claus.

Plainclothes police to dress as Santa during New Year’s celebrations. / Istanbul police patrol in Santa outfits – BBC News

“It was reported by Hurriyet and the Jerusalem Post that the owner of the club, Mehmet Kocarslan, had told journalists that the security of the club had been transferred to an unnamed entity, days before the shooting at his club in Istanbul.

“What that indicates, more and more likely, is that the security of the Reina club was recently outsourced to an Israeli security company.”

False Flag AND Inside Job: Istanbul Nightclub Shooting

Victim Leanne Nasser, an Arab Israeli.

Among those who died at the Istanbul nightclub were 7 Saudis, 5 Turks, 4 Iraqis, 3 Jordanians, 1 Lebanese, 1 Syrian and one Arab-Israeli.

Above, we see what is said to be one of the young females involved in the attack.

IstanbulWho gains from the Istanbul attack?

Israel gains from the Istanbul New Year’s Eve attack.

Attacker yelled ‘Allahu akbar’ as he fired, says Israeli survivor.

Nabeela has recruited girls for Mossad.

Mossad employs many Arab Moslem girls – mainly young Moroccans.

Mossad using Arab women.

In Morocco, “Nabeela recruited girls as young as 12” for Mossad.

Nabeela also recruited young Asian women.

Among those targeted by the girls are Americans.

“Nabeela used to introduce herself as an Emirati intelligence agent.”

Her group has operated in Thailand.

Nabila has been linked to assassinations.

Nabeela has worked with Saudis and Turks who work for the CIA.

Some of the female Mossad agents film their targets having sex.

A German newspaper revealed that the German intelligence service provides Mossad agents with fake passports.

Mossad using Moroccan women to gather sexy secret information

Ergün Poyraz, in his 2007 book Children of Moses, wrote that Turkey’ Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, and his wife, are crypto-Jews, who secretly work with Israeli intelligence.

Is the Istanbul nightclub attack designed to strengthen or to weaken President Erdogan’s regime?

The attack “gives Erdogan a freer hand to expand his crackdown on opponents.”

Nightclub Massacre in Istanbul Exposes Turkey’s Deepening Fault Lines – nytimes

Erdogan with his Jewish classmate Rafael Sadi. They studied economics together.

Are Mossad and the CIA sending Erdogan a message that he should not be friends with Russia?

“There has recently been a rapprochement between Turkey and Russia, which had indicated that Mr. Erdogan, instead of continuing to push for the ouster of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, was now leaning on Russia, Mr. Assad’s most important ally, to bring peace to Syria.”

Nightclub Massacre in Istanbul Exposes Turkey’s Deepening Fault Lines – nytimes

Erdogan and friends.

Turkey gets a lot of its energy supplies from Russia, and a number of Turkey’s generals have been reluctant to fall out with Russia.

Does Israel want part of Turkey?

Has Israel got a plan to break up Turkey?

According to Voltairenet, “Turkey has been slated to be weakened and divided – just as the US, NATO, and Israel have envisaged in their project to create a new ‘Middle East.'”


Are the terror attacks in Turkey linked to the trade in heroin?
Both President Erdogan and his rival Fethulah Gulen have been linked to the heroin trade.
Obama has been protecting Gulen, who lives in the USA. Donald Trump might hand Gulen over to Erdogan.Turkey is now famous for its heroin.In 2004, Dr Ertan Bese, of the Turkish National Police Academy, wrote that the underworld economy of Turkey is worth $60bn.

This is 25 per cent of Turkeys national income.

Much of this $60 billion comes from heroin trafficking.

The Susurluk Legacy – Nachrichten Heute


Sibel Edmonds

The former FBI official Sibel Edmonds has said that in Turkey heroin trafficking cannot take place without the permission of the military and the permission of Turkish intelligence.The Susurluk Legacy – Nachrichten HeuteTurkey is responsible for between 75 and 90 per cent of all heroin in the UK, according to Mark Galeotti, a former intelligence officer and expert on the Turkish mafia.

The Susurluk Legacy – Nachrichten Heute

Mehmet Erdogan, the nephew of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan

On 13 February 2010, Today’s Zaman reported that Mehmet Erdogan, the nephew of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, had been convicted on charges of drug trafficking and sentenced to prison by an Istanbul court.

The police seized 50 kilograms of heroin.

Prime minister’s nephew convicted of drug trafficking – Today’s Zaman

Gulen ‘of the CIA’.

Reportedly, court records, and the testimony of former government officials, show that Fethullah Gulen has made $25 billion from the trafficking of heroin, from Afghanistan to Turkey.

Sibel Edmonds, the former FBI translator, has testified that Fethullah Gulen works with the CIA.


Above, we see the American Jewish Congress handing to Erdogan a Jewish ‘profiles of courage award’.
The police and security services in Turkey have strong links to Israel.

According to a report in The Jerusalem Post, intelligence cooperation between the Mossad and the Turkish security service, MIT, “was enshrined in a 12-clause agreement that was signed during a 1993 visit to Israel by then-Turkish foreign minister Hikmat Chetin”. 

Soon after, according to the London-based newsletter Foreign Report, a large Mossad operation was established in Turkey, with Mossad agents based in both Istanbul and Ankara.


The Gaza Flotilla was a Turkish-Israeli false flag operation, according to reports – ISLAMISTS WORKING FOR ISRAEL
In other words, Israel could use its assets in Turkey to cause destabilisation, or, keep Erdogan in power.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan (Left) attends ‘a CIA-Al-Qaeda meeting’ in Libya.


Will there be an Arab Spring in Turkey?

In 2013, Michael Rubin, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and a former Pentagon official, told the Jerusalem Post: “We can certainly call this the start of the ‘Turkish Spring.’

“Just as in Egypt and Bahrain, the government managed to ignite sparks of discontent into a full-scale uprising because of excessive use of force and general arrogance.”

Arab uprising spirit comes to Turkey

Ariel Cohen, a senior research fellow at the US think tank the Heritage Foundation, told the Jerusalem Post:

“The split between the secular forces and the Islamists will only grow, and “more violence is likely to reignite in the future.”

Arab uprising spirit comes to Turkey


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