South Pole Breaking and Trump_on Exploration

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South Pole Breaking and Trump

News: South pole begins to break. New President Elect Donald Trump. Guest: Dr. Peter Ward, author of Flooded Earth.

This show was broadcast on December 13, 2016.

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One Response to “South Pole Breaking and Trump_on Exploration”

  1. Arden

    What is HAARP doing in Antarctica? Is it true that HAARP is, or was, heating up the Arctic? If both Poles melt, won’t it freeze somewhere else? Is it possible that our orbit is changing, or the position of the equator changing? What about the amazing ability of gold to defy gravity?

    What about all the litter in space? Shouldn’t we clean that up first, before we litter the entire Solar System?

    What about Flying Saucers? How are they propelled?

    What about all the lies and cover-ups, buyouts and murders of people who have supposedly invented new technological devices? What about zero-point energy? What about Nicolas Tesla? And free energy?

    Just a few of the questions that come to mind. Oh, and what about the fact that the Sun is SO much brighter now? It used to be yellow or red in the early morning and late afternoon. Now it is blinding at those times. How many people remember that sun of 70-plus years ago?

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