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Fingerprints Of Election Theft
— Jonathon Simon

Interview with Jonathon Simon, author of Code Red regarding election theft in the USA.

Exit Polls from November 8 Election Show Patterns Indicating Possible Electronic Election Rigging in Favor of Republicans.

Presidential Race and Senate Races Show Suspicious Pattern — All over the world, exit polls are considered to be the gold standard in detecting the presence of election rigging. When the votecounts and the exit poll results are very different, it’s an indication that the vote counts may be wrong. It’s not proof of election fraud, but it does mean the election should be investigated.Election rigging allows puppet candidates to win elections.

A discrepancy between vote counts and exit poll results is exactly what we’re seeing in the November 8 election. You can see the comparison at the links below.

Presidential Race
This chart has been updated to reflect vote counts as of 11/15/16 8:37 AM PST; vote counting is continuing in several non-battleground states and the chart will be periodically updated accordingly.

Senate Races

In the images at the links, the right hand column lists the percentage of shift from Clinton to Trump in the Presidential race, and from Democrat to Republican in Senate races. We call a shift towards Republicans a “red shift,” and a shift toward Democratic candidates a “blue shift.” We are seeing very, very few blue shifts in this election, and none outside the polls’ margin of error.

Outcome-reversing shifts are highlighted in red. READ MORE HERE.
Jonathan’s book is on Amazon.
Produced and edited by Bonnie Faulkner, Yarrow Mahko and Tony Rango.

This show was broadcast on November 21, 2016.

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