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Bob Tuskin Arrested For Educating the Public About the 9/11 Free Fall Collapse of Building 7 — Attorney David Meiswinkle Speaks to Bob and Whistle Blower Protection Attorney Mick Harrison?_on Quantum Matrix Radio

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Bob Tuskin Arrested For Educating the Public About the 9/11 Free Fall Collapse of Building 7 — Attorney David Meiswinkle Speaks to Bob and Whistle Blower Protection Attorney Mick Harrison?

Bob Tuskin is a longstanding truth to power activist and show host in the truth community he often speaks in front of city commissions, the environmental protection agency and others in the pursuit of 911 justice, and to promote awareness of geo-engineering as well as other topics. Bob organizes the excellent Free Your Mind Conference held now each Spring in the Philadelphia area. He was recently arrested for the simple act of using a lap top to show the World Trade Center Building free fall collapse on 9/11, a 47 story sky scraper not hit by a plane which feel in near perfect symmetry into its own footprint the evening of 9/11. Thousands of experts have studied the science of the building’s collapse and determined it’s cause to be explosive demolition, yet the 9/11 commission Report omitted the bizarre collapse entirely from its report. Tuskin merely asked people who were passing by what they saw in the short film of Building 7’s collapse. He was located outside the University of Florida football stadium.

Bob Tuskin Arrested

Mick Harrison is a Public Interest Attorney with a National Practice focused on whistle blowing protection, government accountability, fraud and false claims and dangers to public health. He is at home in the Federal Courts and has experience also with False Claims Act, Constitutional Rights cases, Freedom of Information Act advocacy and litigation, Class Action litigation,and Environmental Citizen’s suits. He is a founding member of Lawyers Committee for a 9/11 Inquiry and its Vice President. Mick has a B.A. degree in Government & Educational Accountability, a M.S.degree and Doctoral Course work in Education, Curriculum and Instruction, and a Mathematics Teaching Certification and a Juris Doctor Degree from University of District of Columbia School of Law where he graduated summa cum laude.

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Mick Harrison

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This show was broadcast on September 19, 2016.

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