Another Nineteen, Part Three — Kevin Ryan_on Guns & Butter

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Another Nineteen

GUNS AND BUTTER with Bonnie Faulkner
Another Nineteen, Part Three — Kevin Ryan

Former Director of Central Intelligence, George Tenet; Oklahoma City connections to 9/11; terrorist motel; Bandar Bush; Viisage Corporation; Worldwide Attack Matrix; obstruction of 9/11 investigations; Secret Service; parallel command system, Tiger Wall; WTC 7 meetings; Pentagon; renovation project; explosives; AMEC Construction; planes? hijackers?
Produced and edited by Bonnie Faulkner and Yarrow Mahko.

This show was broadcast on August 22, 2016.

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One Response to “Another Nineteen, Part Three — Kevin Ryan_on Guns & Butter”

  1. James

    Kevin Ryan studies 911 this long and yet he cannot outline the basics of 911 with regard to physical laws or basic political motives; he understands neither the macrocosm of the broad geopolitics, nor the microcosm of clandestine operations and methods used to execute such a psychological operation.

    In the end, he has fingered a different groups of suspects, but without sufficient context, and in the vacuum of political context, nor understanding the broad media complicity, and the multi-bridge layers of foreign state assistance.

    If Kevin thinks that an aeroplane hit the Pentagon, or that even if it did not, it does not matter what happened there, then he is a not the best person to discuss 911 in front of an intelligent audience. This show, fortunately, is brave enough to have guests on that put truth in front of paychecks, agendas, and other limitations to accuracy.

    In American, you can blame the CIA, Bush, or any power in the world for this event, except Israel. If you do that, you are racist, or have some issue. This is the kneejerk reaction, and still exists as a third rail for most people. Isn’t that funny that we can blame our own country, presidency, or any other power, but we cannot blame one particular country that has the most fingerprints and evidence linked the crime? Even when our own military, and other heads of state confirm this intelligence to us.

    But forget the political motivations or other abstract notions involved in 911 and just focus on practical science. Here Kevin seems to be equivocating over whether a plane hit the Pentagon. That will come as a big Red Flag to many. He is hiding it within a liberal notion of entertaining all the conjecture possible, while stating that the evidence is weak for hijackers, planes, etc. But then states it is likely in his impossible narrative.

    There are three episodes devoted to this guest and his opinions on 9/11. I would like to know his views on key litmus test questions regarding other events, to see how much his research is just misinformed or whether it is “cognitive infiltration.”

    I don’t know if he is obscuring some agenda or pushing another, but I think we can state that while there is a…

    A) BOEING uninterrupted autopilot fly by wire system that can take over planes and this might play a role in various drills/aspects…

    B) No planes crashed into the towers, and most definitely, not into the Pentagon.

    C) Debris of another plane crash was peppered over the pristine Pentagon grass (spoliation of evidence).

    E) holographic technology may have been used, but most likely video-compositing can be confirmed already (for sure).

    F) the attacks were among the first to introduce the more “friendly gladio-style” of not actually killing that many people.

    One of the drills was to clear out the towers, which were not that filled anyway.

    G) Compelling evidence shows that 3.000 souls did not die, and I beg you to produce an accurate pattern of life record for the alleged victims of the towers, jets, etc. This may be hard to process at first. But soon you will see it makes perfect sense. If you understand our deep state infrastructure, and how many people are now with top secret security clearances: contractors, etc, you will see that this is entirely possible. Having said that, just like other operation. There are levels within levels.

    H) We know, KNOW, the planes were not hijacked, unless SOME PLANES were used (not as exposives, but as decoys, etc.)

    I) Nuclear demolitions or other Classified demolition technology was used on GROUND ZERO. It may not matter what type of nuclear demolition, but to suggest any planes entering them is just not to understand 911.

    J) Planes could not fly at the attitude and speed that the jets were allegedly flying at, nor could they penetrate as they did, nor is there any witness of any substantial kind that they did, or of the materials themselves. It is smoke and mirrors of the digital kind.

    K) Why does any of this matter?

    The average person who is new to 911 truth does not embrace the actual truth because of a cognitive dissonance brought upon by a simple question: They would not kill 3000 people, their own people, etc… I can’t believe it. And many in the truth community think the government is so evil they got away with it, and they actually use the deaths to try to bring out the importance of 911 truth. While there were surgical deaths, the operation was chiefly a psychological operation.

    Understanding the limitations provided by physics, and not politics, helps to understand that planes could not do what they tell us they did. Period. Those literate with media will see the obvious nature of the media manipulation. Another taboo that this guest will not touch is Israel. Also, the redacted pages implicating Saudi Arabia are a limited hang out.

    People need litmus tests for reality. You either think we went to the moon or we did not. Period. 911 must stop being a debate club in perpetuity. Systemic change, revolutionary change is the only pathway to declassifying and de-fanging our national security state. Any clamoring for a new investigations means nothing as our courts, media, government, are all systematically corrupt or accessories to the various crimes against democracy and our Republican government.

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