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These 4 Massive Art Pieces Will be at Burning Man 2016/Yesterday the 747 rolled through town on it’s way to Black Rock City

Fest 300 – by Emily Ward – Re-post from June 13 on August 18, 2016

747 Project_render_Burning Man
Photo by: Big Imagination Foundation

Ah, Burning Man . You dusty, steamy, life-changing, oversized playground, you. Land of first-rate entertainment, birthplace of steel/wood dreams and home to some of the craziest ephemera you’ll ever see, Black Rock City is the annual gathering spot for some of the world’s most wild and eager creatives. 2016’s ” Da Vinci’s Workshop ” theme calls on Renaissance all-star Leonardo da Vinci to inspire legions of Burners to bring their most epic art to the playa. We found 4 projects that have broken away from the pack and crossed into BIG ASS ART™ territory.

Below is a distinctive collection of the most epic f-ing art coming to the playa this August. We caught up with the creators and artists of The 747 Project , The Black Rock Lighthouse Service , Catacomb of Veils and The Space Whale to peek at their progress and the mind-blowing stats emerging as they race to the finish line.

The 747 Project

Photo: By Big Imagination Foundation of their Boeing 747

(I’m avoiding the temptation of introducing this project with just EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC). This is a plane. A double decker Boeing 747 plane. At one point, it flew 40,000 feet above us. It’s half a frickin football field long, five school buses wide and three stories tall. And it will make its debut at Burning Man 2016. This is the definition of BIG ASS ART™.

The costs and manpower needs to bring make this 747 playa-ready are staggering. Apart from the sheer visual ginormity of the whole thing, nearly 2,000 volunteers around the world are lending a hand to The 747 Project . After a snafu last year with the plane’s acquisition and hangar storage, the project has been cruising at high speed towards Black Rock City.

What makes this piece more interesting than being just a big-ass plane on the playa is the emotionally engaging journey Big Imagination Foundation founders Ken Feldman, Jonathan Teo and their team, have facilitated. The team brought a smaller dome version of this installation to the playa in 2015, and Feldman recalled several participants coming up to speak with the crew and share the emotional impact the experience had on them. The experiment is being replicated for this year, and visitors will have the chance to pass through the “Insecurity Checkpoint,” and “drop off emotional baggage” before boarding. The Plane will also host workshops and talks from thought leaders around the world.

Feldman originally came up with the idea to bring a 747 to Burning Man while camping with Robot Heart back in 2009. Five years and one Charlie the Unicorn art car later, Feldman shared his idea with Teo on the beach in Marina del Ray, CA. One enthusiastic “FUCK YEAH!” from Teo was all it took, and the pair set off to buy a big ass plane. Teo recounts, “The whole idea really was born out of this notion that we all like to push the whole human experience forward with stuff that’s never been tried before. When we look at what can be done and what actually is done, you realize what “can’t be done” hasn’t yet been done only because it requires effort to communicate and bring people together.”

Currently, transportation is far and away the most costly part of the project. According to their IndieGoGo, the fundraising goal of $50k has been met – but this is only for transportation of the front 75 feet of the plane. To bring all 135 feet of this 747 to Black Rock City, the team needs to hit its stretch goal of $100K. The highway between the Mojave desert and Black Rock City will need to be shut down for five highway patrol officers to oversee the slow crawl of “a semi with 12 axle trailer, two bucket trucks, two pilot vehicles” and more. Exceedingly complicated to move, the project qualifies to CA transit officials as a “superload” (um, yeah) and can only move around 30 miles per hour. The normally ten hour trip will take two to three days for the 747 crew.

Read entire article and see video and the other BIG ASS ART here


UPDATE: The 747 rolled through town in Gerlach, Nevada yesterday morning and is on the Playa at Black Rock City–not just imagination anymore.

Posted by Teri Perticone


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