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“Bandar Bush”: One of the Architects Behind Saudi Involvement in 9/11! A Commentary on the Partially Released 28 Redacted Pages – With Former White House Policy Analyst & Internationally Renowned Whisteblower Barbara Honegger_on Quantum Matrix Radio

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“Bandar Bush”: One of the Architects Behind Saudi Involvement in 9/11! A Commentary on the Partially Released 28 Redacted Pages – With Former White House Policy Analyst & Internationally Renowned Whisteblower Barbara Honegger

September 13, 2001: President Bush and Saudi Ambassador Known as “Bandar Bush”, Along With VP Dick Cheney, and Secretary of State Condelezza Rice Discuss Evacuating Saudis and Terrorist Renditions, on the White House’ Truman Balcony [Photo Source: White House]

Portions of the 28 Pages have been declassified, but not all of them – still, it is clear from an analysis of the portions which have been released that despite White House propaganda to the contrary, the Saudis were deeply embedded in orchestrating 9/11, along with their allies the Bush cabal. Per the above photograph, on September 13, 2001, just two days after 9/11, Saudi Ambassader Prince Bandar known as “Bandar Bush” due to his close friendship with President GW Bush, sits on the White House’ Truman Balcony smoking cigars and discussing the escape, from U.S. interrogation, of Saudi nationals including members of the Bin Laden family. While innocent American citizens were not allowed to fly, culpable elite Saudis were given a presidential means of escape and protection; even their clear involvement later became classified, including direct funding to 9/11 terrorists by then President Bush’s close friend Prince Bandar.

Former White House policy analyst, investigative journalist, and internationally renowned whistle blower Barbara Honegger analyzes the newly released portions of the 28 Pages. This is a groundbreaking interview!

Text of the 28 Pages

Capitol Hill Press Conference introducing the new House Res. 779 asserting Congress itself has the authority to declassify and release the 28 Pages MUST Watch ALL, but especially 9/11 Victims’ Family Lawsuit spokesperson Terry Strada beginning at c.11:30 min. to c.18:56 min. followed by daughter Caitlin c.19:03 min. to c. 20:50 min.:

Huffington Post 7/16/2016

In 9/11 Document, View of a Saudi Effort to Thwart U.S. Action on Al Qaeda New York Times July 16, 2016

US government releases secret chapter from 9/11 report FoxNews.com

Barbara Honegger Bio

Law Review Article by Mick Harris

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This show was broadcast on July 25, 2016.

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