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Breast Cancer Survivor Is Walking 1,000 Miles Topless To Congress

Your Black World News – By Dr. Boyce Watkins – June 16, 2016

Photo: According to facebook this picture has been viewed by over 10 million people, in 12 different countries. Over 100 thoudsand shares. Changing millions of lives as I type. I have a country reaching out for me, to be a spokeswoman in their country. Helping to bring awareness to the people dying every min from this dreadful disease. And I have people in my own country, worried about a little skin and bones, walking on the beach. Please People get over yourselves. We are talking life and death here. This picture represents God’s Glory. When God put man on this earth. It was not His decision to clothe them. God was proud of the beautiful skin He put us in. It was man who made seeing our bare skin something dirty, bad, and shameful. People are dying every day. And they are screaming out to God for help. I was chosen by God and God alone to be one of His vessels. Helping to bring awareness to His people, and take preventive measures and stopping this evil spirit called cancer in it’s track. Before it can be a threat to our life. Trust me when I say there is nothing pretty and pink tied in a ribbon about this killer. SO please help me get the word the truth out, Lets stand together, time out for all the hating and criticizing. This is one disease that does not discriminate. Cancer affects all, rich, poor, children, women, and men. Black, white, Asian, Mexican, Cuban, Yassssss people all over the world. Who’s with me!!!?? To God be the Glory! ?#?THANKFUL? ?#?BLESSED? ?#?FIGHTINGLIKEAGIRL? ?#?BreastCANcervior? ?#?TeamPaulette?!

From The Huffington Post – By Sarah Grossman – May 19, 2016

One woman is walking topless across the country to draw attention to the tough, but all-too-often hidden realities of breast cancer.

Paulette Leaphart is a breast cancer survivor, who had her breasts removed in a double mastectomy in 2014. On May 1, she began a 1,000-mile walk from Mississippi to Washington, D.C. — completely topless.

Her goal is to raise awareness about breast cancer, and to show other survivors that there is no reason to be ashamed of their scars.

“We have scars for a reason,” she says in the teaser for “Scar Story,” an upcoming film documenting stories of breast cancer. “They’re our story of survival. Scars let us know that hey, yes, I had cancer — and I kicked its ass.”

When pop star Beyoncé caught wind of Leaphart’s mission, she featured her in the video for her visual album “Lemonade,” according to Business Insider. The singer met Leaphart on set, and even offered to walk a mile of the journey beside her.

About one in eight women in the U.S. will develop breast cancer in her lifetime, according to the American Cancer Society.

For black women, the problem is particularly severe: While they get breast cancer at slightly lower rates than white women, their mortality rate is 39 percent higher than white women, according to Susan G. Komen.

When Leaphart was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer in 2014, her doctor recommended removing both her breasts, according to the teaser.

“I thought I was going to get some new [breasts]. I picked my size — I was ready for the new perky ones,” she says. “But that was short-lived. I wasn’t a candidate for other health reasons.”

Immediately after the surgery, she fell into a deep depression, according to The Establishment. But after months of healing, she built up the courage to share her story, posting photos of her bare chest on Facebook. The post went viral, and other cancer survivors began reaching out and sharing their stories with her.

That’s when Leaphart decided to do the walk, according to Mic.com.

“I want my walk to be proof that no matter what the world defines as beautiful, I define me,” Leaphart says in the teaser. “Not my breasts, not my size: I define me.”

She plans to walk 1,000 miles from her hometown in Biloxi, Mississippi to Washington D.C., arriving on her 50th birthday, according to the teaser.

“That’s important to me, to know that I made it to 50,” Leaphart says. “So many women didn’t.”

You can follow Leaphart’s journey on Facebook Here

Read entire article here

Video source: www.youtube.com and www.facebook.com

PS Happy Birthday, Paulette–glad that you are alive and an inspiration to us all!

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