28 Missing Pages Coalition from 9/11 Protest at White House Wednesday June 1

Veterans Today – By GPD – May 30, 2016


Members of the 28 Pages Coalition will hold a banner and signs in front of the White House on Wednesday, June 1 at 5 PM. Banner will say: “Open the 28 Pages” with smaller letters under it: “HR14.org”.

“Now that the Senate has unanimously ruined the Justice Against Support of Terrorism Act (JASTA) last week with a cynical amendment by NY Senator Schumer, we urge President Obama to release the 28 pages as he promised the 9/11 victims’ families” stated Richard Ochs, a 28 Pages Coalition spokesperson.

In 2003, around 50 senators signed a letter to G.W.Bush, including Hillary Clinton and John Kerry (both Obama’s secretaries of state) urging him “to declassify the 28-page section that deals with foreign sources of support for the 9-11 hijackers.” Recently, 40 members of Congress co-sponsored bills to declassify these redacted pages: H.R.14 and S-1471. Former chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee, Bob Graham has called the redaction of the 28 pages part of “an aggressive deception.”

We will hold placards saying: “Obama: Open the 28 Pages!”, “Obama’s 8-year cover-up is a crime!”, “Obama: what are you hiding?”, “Obama protects Bush lies!”, “Obama, come Clean: Open the 28 Pages”, and “Obama, You Promised: Open the 28 Pages!”

Other placards will say: “Royal Threats Show Saudi Guilt”, “Call Saudis’ Bluff!”, “Saudis Threaten to Shoot Their Foot”, “Saudi/US Money Tied, thus Empty Threat”, “Tail Wags Dog?”, “Diplomatic Immunity for Terrorists is not National Security”, “9/11 Families say ‘Open 28 Pages’” and “Support HR-14 and S-1471.”

The demonstration is endorsed by Code Pink and Popular Resistance. More Info: Richard Ochs 443-846-6638

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