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Les Jamieson on using “28 pages” scandal to push for full 9/11 truth; Ellen Brown says “bust the NWO, bring public banking to California”_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Les Jamieson on using “28 pages” scandal to push for full 9/11 truth; Ellen Brown says “bust the NWO, bring public banking to California”

First hour: Les Jamieson discusses how to push the “28 pages” issue all the way to 9/11 truth and justice. See below.

Second hour: Ellen Brown, America’s leading public banking advocate, just published the article “Bank of North Dakota Soars Despite Oil Bust: A Blueprint for California?” She writes: “In November 2014, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Bank of North Dakota (BND), the nation’s only state-owned depository bank, was more profitable even than J.P. Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs. The author attributed this remarkable performance to the state’s oil boom; but the boom has now become an oil bust, yet the BND’s profits continue to climb…” So why not try the same thing in California…and everywhere?

First hour guest Les Jamieson writes:

“Hello all,

“The 28 pages/Saudi controversy is still receiving high profile coverage in the mainstream media. Last night on the PBS Newshour, Judy Woodruff conducted a special interview with foreign correspondents Margaret Warner. When asked how the Obama admin is dealing with the situation, she replied “they’re apoplectic”. I think this is putting it mildly, given the Catch-22 the government is in over this, especially the JASTA bill which would lift diplomatic immunity for any country who commits a terrorist act resulting in deaths on U.S. soil. Obama actually voiced his concern in a Charlie Rose interview that the U.S. would then be open to lawsuits. One has to wonder how that’s even a defense in the minds of the American public. See the PBS interview.

“For all who recognize this unprecedented opportunity to literally include your voice on the mainstream media landscape, I again urge people to participate in the reader comments sections. The objective is to use the coverage to (1) underscore that declassifying the 28 pages was a cover up, which cannot be tolerated in a functional democracy, (2) this cover up points to culpability within the Bush administration as well as the Saudi players, and potentially “other Middle East countries” and “certain U.S. agencies”, according to those who’ve read the 28 pages, (3) the many anomalies about the 19 accused as hijackers, (4) the FBI’s pattern of cover up, (5) and then include facts such as all the foreknowledge that was obstructed, the put options, the evacuation of 140 Saudis including Bin Laden family members, the NORAD absence of air defense, the “new Pearl Harbor” agenda, the Pentagon anomalies, the Israelis seen filming the tower collapses, the Israelis posing as art students and movers who were evacuated, the agenda discovered by Gen. Wesley Clark to invade 7 Middle East countries, and the existence of 2500 architects and engineers with expert, forensic research on what caused the towers to fall.

“These are all verifiable facts. Now here’s how you can participate on the readers comments sections. You have to register at the news site. Some let you create an account there. Others let you sign in with a Facebook account. Others let you sign in with a Google account, then you can invent a username that will be shown on the site for anonymity.

“At the PBS page above, please see the comment by ClarityMatters. Below you’ll see little gray arrows. Click on the up arrow which is similar to doing a Like. It helps keep the visibility up.

“Here’s more impressive news. Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA), a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, has now read the 28 pages and joined the list of co-sponsors! While I don’t know much about Sherman, what he states here is certainly the stance we look for in a politician. Remember, they all know what happened to previous politicians who questioned 9/11. They all know the danger of being labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist’, and know how certain public positions can be used against them. However, the entire dynamic is now shifting. With the surge of H.RES. 14 co-sponsors coming on board since December, with Bob Graham and the 9/11 Commissioners speaking out, with Nancy Pelosi calling for declassification, with head of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, agreeing the best policy is disclosure, with others supporting the JASTA bill, now the popular position to take is embodied in Sherman’s statement, ‘Those affected by 9/11, and the American people generally, need to know the whole truth about what happened. There is no good reason to hide this chapter of the story.’

“As a reminder, there’s a high level meeting taking place on May 17th when Bob Graham and Walter Jones will be meeting with James Clapper to make their case. Let’s create a tsunami of phone calls to support this effort. See full details at http://hr14.org/cta-4-fulldisclosure/.

“Lastly, I cannot overstate the urgency that activists take a bit of time to take advantage of this incredible series of developments causing the deception of 9/11 and the ensuing agenda for empire to unravel before the eyes of the world. The forces behind the lie are formidable. Sure we’ve got evidence, we’ve got vision for a better future, we want full spectrum justice. Our taking a stand at this point in time is required. Please spread the word. Truth must prevail,”

Les Jamieson www.hr14.org

This show was broadcast on May 8, 2016.

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One Response to “Les Jamieson on using “28 pages” scandal to push for full 9/11 truth; Ellen Brown says “bust the NWO, bring public banking to California”_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. maisoon

    Your guest Les I am disappointed to say was very evasive about the 911 issue and refused throughout the debate to confirm Israel’s involvement.[with quick minor reference near the end] he was more than happy to have the 28 pages exposed because for him the Saudis would be implicated and thus Muslims had to have done 911 alone! Exposing Saudi involvement appears to be his only concern.
    Anyone who refuses to talk about Israel and their 911 Terrorism for me is not a genuine 911 truther. Laying total blame on Saudis is disingenuous and frankly a cover-up. I despise the House of Saud but it is not just or right to blame them for 911.
    This 28 page revelation will ONLY implicate the Saudis and will NEVER Mention Israel because the Jews have ENSURED that only the Saudi ‘Arabs would be their scape-goats.
    Amazing how it is fine and dandy for some Neocons to be quick to seek Saudi exposure -that way it will DEFLECT from ISRAEL’s HUGE role in this Terrorist attack that has had catastrophic repercussions and vengeance upon Muslims whilst the real culprits, Israel’s Mossad Jewish Terrorists get away with mass murder
    This is the usual BLAME it all on the Arabs and Muslims who will remain Israel’s scape goats!!and the DUMB Saudis will take the fall for Eretz Israel.
    Such a pity Jamieson was so hesitant about openly laying the blame where it is due- on the Israelis and their Sayanem Agents within the US Government/Military/Intelligence Service with minor collusion from the House of Saud and other countries [UK, Pakistan and possibly Germany and France]
    ISRAEL DID 9/11 as it did London’s 7/7, Madrid and Paris bombings- it had the means, the expertise, the Military/intelligence personnel, their Mossad trained Killers and of course the POLITICAL MOTIVE for such heinous criminality and Crimes against Humanity- Crimes Israel always gets away with, with absolute impunity and no accountability from the International world community that accepts Zionist America’s official storyline which some Neocons are willing to expose because it implicates Saudis – Arabia being the next target for Israel to destroy as part of its PNAC and Oded Yinon Clean Break Strategy Plan to destroy and re shape the Middle East according to Israel’s hegemonic vision
    Israel was behind JFK’s murder, and his brother’s but the Jews have ensured their tracks are securely covered- same applies to 9/11- plant the blame on chosen patsies and let the criminals get away scot free


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