Go home US military: Haiti doesn’t need anymore pain!

The major media called, part 1 by Ezili Dantò/HLLN for Haitian Perspectives,
January 16, 2010

” Lè n ap badinen ak lou, fòk nou atann a kout grif nan plen figi” –
When you’re playing with a wolf, you must expect to be scratched in the face.


The major media called, a Black woman working for a major TV station. She
wanted to do a special about Americans who go to Haiti and sacrifice all to
help the poor Haitians. Can you help, she asked. My boss wants me to interview
missionaries who sacrifice electricity, comfort and TV?

You don’t want to know what I have to say, I said. She got defensive. Said she
was trying to change the narrative of the story that she knew about false aid
false charity, false organized benevolence and that the NGO humanitarian niche
was corporate welfare on the backs of impoverished Haiti. But she had a job to
do and maybe if I couldn’t talk about helping the poor Haitians, being
Haitian-born and all, maybe I could tell her who could. I said, in all
sincerity, there are those charity people who are conscious and who have done
good job in Haiti. Call Partners in Health. They are legitimate because
Haitians are trained to help themselves there, I said. But they probably
won’t meet the common story line narrative you want because I assume you’re
looking to interview a white person, right? Or, a Black American? So you
probably don’t want to speak to the Haitian woman who runs Partners in Health
in Haiti. Her name is Loune Viaud. If you want your story line, you’ll have
to bend things a bit and go to people she supervises. I’m sure you’ll find
a way to ignore Loune Viaude. So, call Partners in Health. They’ll help. But
how about also going on our website (ezilidanto.com) and finding the review we
did on the Timothy Schwartz’s book on false aid. He was an American
anthropologists working in Haiti. Really, she says, very excited. Yep. And
maybe you can’t give that perspective now during this glaring momentum of US
media rush to polish its “we good Americans storyline,” but keep it in the
back of your head, won’t you?

She hung up saying she thought she could trust me to help her with Haiti
because someone she knows suggested the two people who are trustworthy on
are Ezili Dantò and Ron Daniels. She couldn’t get Daniels on the phone she
said. So, she tried me. We’ll, I said, I am certain Daniels will give you the
storyline you’re looking for. (See, Pro-democracy groups protest Ron
Daniels/Haiti Support Project symposium with coup d’etat supporters and
orchestrators – http://bit.ly/5HVpdg 😉

The media has called a lot since the earthquake.

Suddenly, we’re very popular because Black bodies are strewn on the streets of
Port au Prince. Every reporter who is somebody is rushing to take a picture.
how terrible, terrible they say. Head wounds, crushed limbs, mothers wailing,
Haitians in the Diaspora desperate to know what’s going on, have their
families all died, are they choking for air under the pulverized concrete as
their heart stop, severed leg sit on their lap?

What did you hear Zili? those Haitians outside of Haiti, say to me. Haitians,
whose $2 billion annual remittances to Haiti is the only real aid Haiti gets.
Is all of Kafou really gone? My family lives there. My sister was going to
have a baby. She just got her papers to come to the US and be with us.
you hear Zili, please are planes landing in Haiti yet? Can I take a boat
I’ve got to go home. I want to see my sister.

We’re trying to locate her sister. We’re trying to find out where our three
collaborators who were in Haiti helping us with the Douglas Perlitz and such
cases, are? They’re families want to know if we know anything. Three of the
schools we help are buried under shattered concrete. Over 800 children and we
don’t know where the teachers, our friends, my family are. But the media want
me to feed their feeding frenzy, talk to them about American missionaries who
sacrifice all.

I haven’t slept more than half an hour since 5 o’clock Tuesday, January 12,
2009. Before than we were working at over capacity, stretching to give voice
Haiti’s pain and oppression. Shouting at Jericho walls for twenty years.
Before then we were ignored. Now they want us to tell them how we feel about
6,000 US military arriving on Thursday, two days after the worst earthquake
disaster in terms of damage and lives lost, and stick to how wonderful it is
that the US cares so much for the people of Haiti that its giving us such
priority and forget about before January 12, 2009. Concentrate on now and how
we all must come together now. Mwen bouke – I am tired. I want to give them
what they want.

But yesterday I died again. We’re buried alive under the concrete weight of
the US/Euro narrative on Haiti. No one sees us. But we are Ayiti and we’ve
died a living death too many times to take death seriously.

We’re traumatized, bruised and bloodied. But we’re still here because we
can handle this and all that we know is still to come as we’re “rescued’ some

Still, as one insightful Haitian, who wanted to remind me why we are Ayiti,
said to me: “Chat konen, rat konen. Barik mayi ap rete la…Dinasti a pa ka

Kenbe rèd, pa moli Ayisyen m yo. Ginen poze. “Lè n ap badinen ak lou, fòk
nou atann a kout grif nan plen figi” – When you’re playing with a wolf, you
must expect to be scratched in the face.

Nou la!

Haiti needs humanitarian help, Obama sent a bipart isan military INVASION
Ezili Dantò/HLLN
January 16, 2010

The most terrible earthquake rocked Haiti on Tuesday, January 12, 2010. The
media called. Lamented about how the Haitian government is nowhere to be found
in the midst of this earthquake disaster. Can I make a comment?

The palace collapsed, the police headquarters collapsed, the parliament
building collapsed with legislators inside it, I say. No one knows how many
policemen, municipal workers, legislators where there, how many escaped, who
injured. How many are looking for their families? There’s no communication,
no telephones, no electricity, no roads in the capital that are passable, no
water in many areas, the hospitals are damaged, its nearly impossible to treat
the injured and infectious disease will produce many more victims. People are
living in the streets because they’re too afraid to go back into the few
houses that are still standing. Do you understand?

No one has heard from the 9,000 UN troop mission in Haiti either, I further
point out. They are mostly tending to their injured and dead also. But the
media is mostly not concentrating on that, is it? Only on promoting, it seems,
the standard: those-incompetent-Black-Haitians-can’t-rule-themselves line.
Why doesn’t Haiti get a break from that media bombardment? Not even now?

Is the UN really in Haiti, asks a frantic mother on a call that finally got
through. With my bare hands, I pulled my two daughters out from the rubble
myself but I can’t get them to a working hospital. I searched all night
Tuesday to find them in the dark and under the concrete. My other two are
I don’t have a way to fly to the Dominican Republic for care. The doctors say
one crushed leg must be amputated but they don’t have the equipment to do so.
There’s too many dead people at the hospital. I am carrying her somewhere
else. I don’t know where. There’s no water or food to give them. I can’t
get inside the house to recover anything. We are in the streets.

I’ll let your husband know you three are alive, I say. It’s difficult news
to hear but I’ll let him know. Hang in there, I say, help is coming.

China, Venezuela, Cuba relief teams got there before the world’s riches
country and number one superpower. The US, with a base next door to Haiti in
Guantanmo Bay Cuba, got there two days later, mostly after everyone had died
under the rubble baking in the hot tropical sun, trapped inside concrete and
metal tombs that used to be homes, schools or businesses. On Thursday, January
15, 2010, the US military began landing in Haiti. It’s Saturday and they
haven’t started any rescue. No. Survivors in the capital are still waiting
for the basics: water, food, medicine.

Up to 10,000 U.S. troops are expected in Haiti by next week. Soldiers kill,
not humanitarian rescue, are not policemen. Obama sent Haiti military
The military is not about providing humanitarian relief. No. It’s about
domination, conquest and submission. That’s what soldiers are trained to do.

They took over the airport the day after they arrived. Privatized it. The
Haitians manning the damaged control tower fought the privatization. They are
Haitian men. They are fathers. They are strong Haitian women, mothers. They
need to work. To do something useful, valuable, important. They also need to
make money to support their families. They need to be doing something
productive. Need, like all Haitians, to have some control over something! But
the U.S. arrived to bring Haiti “security” when Haiti needs emergency
earthquake rescue and water, medicine and food distributed. The Haitians
working at the airport are arrogantly pushed aside like trash. The US military
need, they say, to control the Haitian airport in Port-au-Prince in order to
fly in their military contingent.

They are using the airport for IMPORTANT things don’t you see? Those buried
under the rubble, the over 3oo,ooo homeless Haitians who have not eaten or
found clean water to drink since Tuesday when the mountains crumbled on them,
can wait.

When the US military got to Haiti, all those Haitians who had WALKED from Cap
Haitian in the North or up from the South, from all points they walked for
hours under the hot sun to get to Port au Prince and to help their countrymen
were also ignored, pushed aside like trash.

But it was these Haitians and neighbors in Port au Prince who were less
who RESCUED, gave EMERGENCY relief.

The people that could get saved, got saved mostly by HAITIANS frantically
their bare hands to dig through the rubble, lift pulverized concrete in the
immediate 48-hours after the earthquake. They worked in the dark on Tuesday
night, all day Wednesday in areas that they believed people could be trapped.
Did what they could to save themselves as they have been doing since 1503 when
the white settlers ‘ “New World” began.

The country next door, with a military base practically in Haiti at Guantanamo
Bay, Cuba arrived two days after the mountains folded into the people of Haiti
and they are using the Haitian airport, not to help the earthquake victims
under the rubble, but to evacuate the Canadians, Americans, Europeans, etc who
have been stuck in Haiti for two interminable days.

They are rescued immediately. Haitians wait. No simultaneous rescue. Haitians
survivors fend for themselves. Mostly alone against all disasters, natural and
man-made, as always. No treatment, no family, no other homes to fly to. Obama
just stopped deportations, finally granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to
Haitian nationals in the US but his team said earthquake survivors in Haiti
with nowhere to go, won’t be welcomed in the US. And those Haitians who are
trying to get to us, who call us their own, who can really help us, are mostly
not allowed to get to us.

I’ll just share just one of the letters we’ve been getting since the

“Zili, …please help me bring my wife and my son here to the United States.
My son is only 15 months old. He was injury by a block fall on top his head.
They both are homeless without no medical care no food, no shelter. My son he
is an American citizen. But the American Embassy requested DNA test for him
also the U.S. Embassy already granted Visa to my wife since October 19, 2009
filling petition for her. But because of the DNA test she couldn’t left him
alone. Please help me.”

Haitians who flew on commercial planes towards Haiti and were waiting for the
landing strip to open up for their planes to land, were sent back, could not

I want to see my sister she said to me. Why does the Blan –
the foreigners – always have more important business to take care off in Haiti
than me?

Her plane was re-directed to Miami where she waits in agony. The moral support
she wanted to give to whomever she found still alive at her house, the money
she borrowed from families in Canada, so she could bring something to whomever
she found still alive, is not important.

My wife is waiting for me, he said to me. She knows I am coming. She knows
I’m coming no matter what I have to do to get to her.

His plane is redirected to the Dominican Republic. He says he’s taking a bus
into Cap Haitien. He says he will walk if he has to, down to Port au Prince to
find his wife.

They’re evacuating Port au Prince, I say. He said, lighting may strike,
thunder may fall and shatter me on the way there, but I swear to God they
won’t stop me from finding my family.

On Thursday, more than 7,000 Haitians were buried in a mass grave to clean up
the streets and get rid of from 200, 000 to 500,000 corpse. Who is in that
grave? Are his two dead daughters in those graves with the rest of the
unidentified dead? Did his wife manage to find a hospital to amputate the
other’s crushed leg?

The mass displacement of the population in the capital also means the injured
and dying are harder to locate and families have been separated from their
loved ones. Even if the father from abroad walks to Port au Prince after
crossing through the Dominican Republic, how hopeless and harrowing is his
task? He may die over and over again, be left with no closure like so many of
the 4 million Haitians living abroad who are similarly riveted to this drama.
They too mostly may never know if loved ones are in that first mass grave or
the next one the US will order. Won’t know. They shall feel they’ve let down
their families. (Bodies in the Streets & Mass Graves in Haiti
http://bit.ly/4Xh9WR ; 7000 buried in mass graves in Haiti –

The media called, Part 3

The most terrible earthquake rocked Haiti on Tuesday, January 12, 2010.

The media called. Asked me, What are Haitians thinking?

You don’t want to know, I say.

Haitians need humanitarian help. The US sent a military invation.

In the innernost sanctum of their souls, quakes a fear as big as the
that hit them, I say, a knowing too awful to let reach their heads. Haitians
are aware that the depopulation the Western corporatocracy was looking for in
the coastal areas of Port au Prince – they’ve got it now.

And just as the Black Katrina victims were vilified and criminalized, so too
shall the Haitian earthquake victims be criminalized, villified and evacuated
at the point of guns, for more than their own good.For the benefit of this
opportunistic US invasion disguised as humanitarian help.

There are other interests bigger than the earthquake victims welfare and well
being. They know that. See it. No real rescue, relief or large scale aid has
come and its almost five days since the earth quake. They are looking about
trying to figure out how to defend themselves. They know the history of
recues in Haiti. Many have lived through two bloody Bush dynasty regime
(1991 and 2004) and all Haitians are aware of the terror suffered by their
predecessors during the 19-year first US occupation of Haiti from 1915 to
So, on top of thirst, hunger, grief beyond bearing, they have a credible fear
they shall not be allowed to survive and to return in any form to the places
the Western corporate aristocracy have wanted to own for the oil and mineral
resources that’s in Haiti.

Haiti needs humanitarian help, Obama sent a bipartisan military invasion.
10,000 military guns sent come to help us to death….

Go home US military: Haiti doesn’t need anymore pain!


Excerpt from:
The media called, Part 3: Haitians need Emergency Rescue and Relief not Military Invasion I say, by Ezili Dantò/HLLN (See also: The Media Called (Part 1 and Part 2) by Ezili Dantò)

We’ve beaten back the elite’s rabid rage before. We know the game and Haitians will do everything to force them to retreat. The US is not hiding its imperialism behind the UN anymore. Its come out into the light. Right now you need State Department clearance to land in Haiti. Don’t despair my people. The issue is not emergency rescue anymore. Emergency is immediate, it’s within 48 hours. That’s over. The people who could have been saved under the rubble and metal have mostly died. Now it’s about medical relief, healing and rebuilding. Haitians can do that by themselves with the help of the world that wants to send monies to Haiti for the earthquake victims.

International assistance has never helped Haiti’s poor and it’s not helping the bulk of the earthquake survivors right now. Mostly the more privilege classes, as per usual:

“search-and-rescue operations have been intensely focused on buildings with international aid workers, such as the crushed U.N. headquarters, and on large hotels with international clientele. Some international rescue workers said they are being sent to find foreign nationals first…For better or worse, it will likely be the residents of Petionville who through their government connections, trading companies and interconnected family businesses will receive a large portion of U.S. and international aid and reconstruction money… They only give the aid money to the same big families, over and over. So I ask, what is the point? They have given money to these families to help Haiti for 50 years, and look at Haiti. I say the Americans need to make up a new list.” (Haiti’ elite spared from much of the devastation )

Go home US military. Please. And take the UN occupation forces and the false aid NGOs with you. Take France with you and let them know Haitians want the Independence Debt back! Officially 50,000 corpses have been retrieved and the HLLN estimates are that perhaps 1/3rd of Port-au-Prince’s 3 million people are dead. The US cannot provide rescue to the dead or relief to the survivors by the point of a gun. So leave.

Let the 4 million Haitians in the Diaspora land in Haiti and take care of their own. Haitians doctors, nurses and public health officials hold up the public health system in New York and in Miami. We can go and give medical relief to our own in solidarity with individuals of good will, from all the races and nations, who will work directly with the Haitian government and us, the people of Haiti. Now that the US and Western countries have flown out their citizens, let us Haitians from abroad land in Haiti. Let us heal our people, our family, our homeland. Please go home President Obama, Clinton and Bush and take you’re 10,000 US soldiers and your 9,000 soldiers and the NGOs and USAID with you. Kindly. Haiti doesn’t need any military help or rescue. We are not in conflict with anyone. Haitians are not a violent people; history has shown that despite the media lies and racist propaganda. The Haitian civilian rescue teams who have been rescuing the earthquake victims have been doing a good job. They need our support, better equipment and supplies not Pentagon guns. Please hear us.

When the Haitians at the airport refused to give up their post to the US military, the US Southern Command went to President Preval and put a paper in front of him to sign giving them authority. Preval is NOT the Haitian government. The Prime Minister is alive and in the coming week we shall know how many of the legislators have survived. The authority given does not have the people’s consent – a good indication of this is that the Haitians at the airport had to be forcibly removed. The Haitian Diaspora cannot reach their own. That’s why I’m writing this to the world. Talking to the world.

Go away! please. – Haiti doesn’t need anymore pain

We ask every one who stand in solidarity with the nation of Haiti and the long suffering peoples of Haiti and the earthquake victims to talk to your representatives – this is a bipartisan invasion of the most fragile country at a time when its people need medical care and release from pain. How diabolical is it, that Obama sent it more pain? Talk to your representatives. They are acting in YOUR NAME. If we do not talk to them, they shall take us for fools and idiots and go ahead with their proposed genocidal plans of plunder and pillage Haiti in plain site, as opposed to how they were doing it before – behind the UN occupation and false organized benevolence. Go away please and release the airport so Haitians can land to do the necessary.” (Excerpted from: The media called (Part 3): Haitians need Emergency Rescue and Relief not Military Invasion I say, by Ezili Dantò/HLLN)


Ezili Danto

Ezili Danto

Ezili Dantò is an award winning playwright, a performance poet, political and social commentator, author and human rights attorney. She was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and raised in the USA. She holds a BA from Boston College, a JD from the University of Connecticut School of law. She is a human rights lawyer, cultural and political activist and the founder and president of the Ezili’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN). She runs the Haitian Perspectives on-line journal and the Ezili Dantò Newsletter. Ezili’s HLLN is the recognized leading and most trustworthy international voice in Haiti advocacy, human rights work, Haiti news and Haiti news analysis. HLLN’s work is central to those concerned with the welfare of the people of Haiti, Haiti capacity building, sovereignty, institutionalization of the rule of law, and justice and peace without occupation or militarization. She is a gifted spoken word artist who used Haitian dance, performance poetry, theater and creative writing to create the performance series – “Red, Black & Moonlight”, her critically acclaimed one-woman Jazzoetry Vodun dance theater work, which she has toured internationally and also performed at Colleges and Universities, performance art centers, and theaters, including at non-traditional theater venues, such as the United Nations and Carnegie Hall. Marguerite ‘Ezili Dantò’ Laurent is also an essayist and educator who specializes in teaching about the light and beauty of Haitian culture; the “Symbolic and Archetypal Nature of Haitian Vodun;” the illegality and immorality of forcing neoliberalism policies on Haiti and the developing world… For more go to Marguerite Laurent/Ezili Dantò website at http://www.ezilidanto.com/


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