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A Political Assassination in Oregon? — A False Flag Weekly News Special Report 02/19/2016

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“The FBI, the Federal Government, and LaVoy Finicum.” A Special Investigative Report on Finicum’s Murder for FFWN by Prof. Tony HalL

Prof. Hall presents his illustrated findings from his on-the-ground investigation in eastern Oregon. See Professor Hall’s recent article detailing his findings here.

On Jan. 26 the second car travelling along Highway 395 was ambushed in a very elaborate FBI-led operation leading to the political assassination of LaVoy Finicum. LeVoy Finicum was by far the most effective communicator of the group who set up a protest camp on a federal wildlife reservation near Burns Oregon to highlight their grievances with the national government. The elimination of LaVoy Finicum on Jan. 26 re-enacted in a number of strange ways the FBI-directed political assassination in 1969 of the emerging Black leader, Fred Hampton.

Finicum can be seen as a kind of White version of Hampton insofar as both held the capacity to mobilize mass resistance through their eloquence, attractiveness and common sense. They both spoke to audiences beyond the boundaries of their particular groups addressing many of the vital issues of the day affecting everyone. Where Hampton identified himself as a Black Panther, LaVoy Finicum symbolized the application of his Mormon understandings to US Constitution. He presented an exemplary approach to everyday life while calling for a return to first principles in the conduct of US governance. His sense of Mormon civics held radical and possibly liberating potentiality for a larger revolution to repatriate and rematriate the US government back to the self-governance of its citizens.”

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The Political Assassination of LaVoy Finicum

LiVoy Finicum
LiVoy Finicum

The Political Assassination of LaVoy Finicum
Prof. Anthony Hall

The Political Assassination of LaVoy Finicum

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