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Trump’s first victim? Jordanian humiliated, deported at US …


Lachab Mac Lachab, Anthony Enos Wicher and 7 others posted in General Truth News.

Later, Hammad Sheva , a jordanian architect , wrote on his Facebook page that many Americans had contacted him to express their support, criticising their government and “racist” officers.
“If we start generalising all Americans to be like trump, then you can’t blame anyone to say all Islam is ISIS,” he wrote, in reference to the controversial Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and the terrorist group Islamic State respectively.
Last week, Donald Trump announced he would seek a blanket ban on all Muslims entering the US if elected.
It would seem that Trump has many supporters among the men and women of the US border authorities.

On the 7th of December at 8:00 am, I left for the USA, as I had a B1B2 valid visa, I arrived the same day at 6:30 pm Chicago time, I was escorted to an interrogation room and my cell-phone was taken from me with the password against my well, I was asked about my previous trip and what I have done, as I explain he start saying he doesn’t believe a word I say, and he asked me about my intentions about this trip! As I have explained with full clarity, “I came to travel, look for uni and apply, taking a time of Jordan to find myself, apply for jobs legally” I was fully clear, as he was going through my phone chat history and my private data!
The officers became more and more aggressive, rude and offensive, and whatever I say he doesn’t want to listen and he starting taking conversations out of context to make a case against me, after 5 hours of that he gave me 2 choices, first I withdraw my visa application and go back home and I may be able to apply for a new visa in the future, OR he decline my visa and I ll get banned from the states for 5 years. So as a hard choice it was I chose the first option!, so he got me signing on papers and told me we are going to put you in a room in the back till they reschedule the flight back, at this point I started freaking out and panicking, they MADE me take off my shoe laces, belt and jackets. Then I was put in a holding cell, which was a 3*4 meters room with 3 mattress on the floor with no pillows nor blankets, a steel toilet was in room as well, the room was under ground so I didn’t know the time or of its day or night, and didn’t know what’s going to happen, I was put in the room at 11:30. I was freezing at night and he didn’t make get my jacket after nagging he told me I can get a pullover from my bag, with nothing to do for the next day.
At 4:00 pm next day I was escorted by 2 officers through the airport in front of everyone which I felt like osama bin Alden’s son! And they kept walking me till the seat of the plane and gave the passport to the flight attendant and he said ” not to give him the passport until you land in London” so at this point I was famous in the plane!!!
I have tried calling our freaking embassy but with no answer, been humiliated, treated with no human rights, served crappy food, couldn’t go the toilet the whole time or do any basic hygiene stuff and all of that because the officer chose to not believe me.
You might not take this as a discrimination act but most of the people who were questioned are Muslims, I was in a cell with a Muslim from Montenegro. And they made some racist implemented comments many of times during the interrogation!
I felt helpless, I felt abused, I felt oppressed and not human. I really wouldn’t wish this to my worst enemy.
I just wanted to put this story out there so you know what happens to an Arab if the western word decided that he isn’t what he truly is..


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