Daily Shooter: San Bernardino Sees Largest Ever Multi-Agency Staging Area Set-up in Less Than 90 Minutes

21st Century Wire – By 21 Wire – Dec 02, 2015

Photo: SUSPECTS DOWN? Hours after the event, Paramilitary Police apparently shoot-up a black SUV but it’s not known whether or not this was driven by one the suspects, raising the possibility about whether the police have ‘accidentally’ shot-up the wrong vehicle (Image credit: NBC News)

Another Daily Shooter event has taken place in San Bernardino, California. As we go to press, police marksmen appear to have shot-up a black SUV, with one suspect killed, one severely wounded and another escaping on foot according to NBC News live coverage. It’s still unconfirmed whether the SUV passengers are actually the same men who were the original ‘active shooters’ at the original crime scene.

Earlier this afternoon, 14 people were reported to have been killed and another 17 have been hospitalized with various injuries, after the 3 shooters are said to have opened fire with ‘long guns’ inside a conference venue, in the Inland Regional Center, a government-run disabled services office complex, located in San Bernardino. Police gave chase to suspects and claim that 3 assailants were masked (therefore could not be ID’d at the scene), heavily armed and possibly wearing body armor.

Multi-Agency Drill?

The speed at which so many paramilitary, police and EMS assets were mobilized today was unprecedented. This was one of the most impressive mobilizations of multiple local, state, county and federal law enforcement agencies. Within 90 minutes of the alleged ‘active shooter’ situation at Inland Regional, at least 12 different agencies were mobilized, including over 500 armed agents, at least 300 vehicles, over 1000 personnel, 5 SWAT teams, 3 helicopters, 3 mobile command centers, 10 armored MRAP vehicles, bomb squads with robots were dispatched.

We’re told that many hours after the mass shooting incident, police miraculously track-down suspects in a black SUV only 1.5 miles from the original crime scene? Hard to believe, isn’t it?

The US media are already touting today’s event as, “the worst mass shooting since Sandy Hook in 2012.”

Following the take-down of the black SUV vehicle, tactical paramilitary police units escorting ATF and FBI agents then began performing armed, door to door’ searches of all homes in the vicinity of the SUV shooting scene.


The city of San Bernadino has been placed into lock-down, with closures of all schools, court houses and public buildings with all residents ordered to ‘shelter in place’. According to one local news affiliate anchor, “San Bernardino is now under Martial Law.”

Today’s mass-mobilization mirrored the recent ‘Fox Lake Manhunt’ hoax, which 21WIRE rightly pointed out on the day was not actually a real manhunt, but rather a multi-agency militarized ‘fusion drill’ – which cost the taxpayers millions of dollars before it was finally wound-down by authorities.

21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen spoke to RT International as the story was breaking and gave a number of key points about the event, much of which was completely missed by the mainstream media. Initially, many US media outlets were attempting to frame today’s event as a “domestic terrorism” incident, but Henningsen rightly pointed out why this was an unlikely characterization of what was happening. By all accounts, the shooter would have to have prior knowledge of the Department of Health private function which was taking place when the alleged shooters descended on the Inland Regional conference space.

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