Notes: Today’s Mass Killing, December 2, 2015–Something is rotten in San Bernadino

Veterans Today – By Gordon Duff/Senior Editor – Dec 02, 2015


I am going to be on the Jeff Rense show tonite, hour 3, midnight New York Time.

What we know, 14 dead, 14 wounded, those figures certain to change. We are told assault rifles, an SUV with darkened windows and 3 suspects with body armour and ski masks. This, of course, may change as well to either more accurate information or, as our own lack of faith in institutions is driving us, it will change to protect the guilty if, indeed, this is a politically motivated event.

Thus far, based on timing, I am assuming this is a politically motivated event.

Here is what you watch for:

•Someone is going to come forward with a solution. First, however, we look for an announcement from a terror organization, taking credit. This is proof, as far as we are concerned, that it is an internal move against the US by what we used to call “right wing extremists” until we began to wise up and look at all competing political wings in Washington as warring gangs.

•The odds are that a failing GOP candidate with cash and real hopes, someone capable of rewarding Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, those who “cannot be opposed,” is knowingly responsible or has chosen to give the “go ahead” to military contractors to “stir the pot.”

•There is one purpose here, an old one, to push the American people into giving up rights, maybe giving up guns, but I don’t see it that way. I think the “guilty party” will be the one that comes to us with a request for “boots on the ground in Syria.”

•That said, I look back a day or two, when Senator’s McCain and Graham made this call, 10,000 Americans on the ground in Syria. Iraq doesn’t want Americans there, 81% according to a recent poll, of Iraqis believe the US is behind ISIS. As we see America is still behind Erdogan and Turkey even when Russia has shown us “slam dunk” evidence of Turkey’s full complicity in terrorism…

What is our take? This is a political move to bring about American involvement in Syria.

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