Putin throws down the Gauntlet to Turkey’s Erdogan over downed Russian Jet

21st Century Wire – 21 Wire – Nov 24, 2015


Earlier today, it’s reported that a NATO Turkish F16 aircraft shot down a Russian Su-24 Fighter Bomber with an air-to-air missile near the Syria-Turkish border. It is the first time that a NATO fighter has downed a Russian combat aircraft since the start of the Cold War nearly 70 years ago.

Russian President Vladimir Putin led a brief press conference this afternoon to make a statement on the international incident today.

Putin stated that in no way did the Russian Su-24 fighter violate Turkish airspace. He added, “In no way did our Russian planes threaten the nation of Turkey.”

The super sonic aircraft was flying 1 km (.6 miles) inside Syrian territory when it was shot down, with the plane and the pilots landing in Syrian territory.

A disturbing video was released online depicting US and NATO-backed “moderate rebels” celebrating over what appears to be a dead Russian pilot, while shouting jihadist, Takfirist slogans, and could be heard saying “Mujadehin!” Another “moderate” could be heard saying, “We should have burned him before he was dead.”

It’s unclear as yet whether or not a second Russian pilot who has parachuted to safety has survived or not, or possibly captured.

Putin came out immediately with a series of statements which should send shockwaves across the NATO bloc and beyond. Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has already been implicated in fueling much of the instability in Syria by allowing ISIS and other ‘moderate’ terrorists to cross over into Turkey, as well as using the US-led coalition in order to settle its own score against Kurdish militia.

Turkey’s brash move will almost certainly cause a freeze in diplomatic relations between Ankara and Moscow.

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