Leading French Authority Admits Major Drill Taking Place on 11/13/15 [video]

November 25, 2015       Memory Hole Blog

by James Tracy

A major sign that a “false flag” terror attack has occurred is when information emerges that emergency and law enforcement services were conducting drills at or around the same time as a purportedly actual event transpiring. For example, on September 11, 2001 there were over four dozen drills being carried out over the United States by US armed forces. french-false-flagDrills were likewise being carried out on July 7, 2005 when the London tube way bombings took place, and there’s the strong likelihood that at least some of the “mass shootings” regularly reported by US news media are in fact emergency exercises being presented to the public as genuine events.


Professor Pierre Carli is the Director of the Anesthesia-Intensive Care Department of the Hôpital Necker-Enfants Malades of Paris and chair of the French Resuscitation Council and Vice President of SAMU of Paris– which stands for Service d’Aide Médicale Urgente or Urgent Medical Aid Service. As the central figure in metropolitan emergency services Carli freely admitted on French television that a series of complex, life-like drills were taking place on the streets of Paris on November 13, 2015.




In interviews on French television in the aftermath of the “Paris attacks” Carli explains how earlier in the day a sophisticated mass casualty exercise took place throughout Paris designed to resemble a set of actual catastrophic events. “In the exercise,” Carli explains to one set of television program hosts,

we learned how to dispatch the SAMU and firemen to these sites to try to ensure that all victims, regardless of where or when it was going got happen would have medical assistance on site.

That’s what we did in the morning. And a few hours later, while we were still debriefing, we were already faced with that very situation. At the exercise, there were many of the same hospital services which that same night treated the victims.

Of course, it was a big surprise, but the preparation was fresh and top-of-mind for everyone.

Understanding and analyzing the true causes of the “Paris attacks” are especially crucial since the events are being used by political leaders as one of several forces to solidify public opinion behind what will likely be continued and escalated aggression in Syria and Iraq against the “Islamic State.” Such incidents are also presented as a pretext for intensified police state measures and closing down civil society in the West, which is probably the last hope in the public’s ability to contest and thwart the madness of regional and perhaps global war.


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